Tuesday, June 2, 2009

India Cloud is missing

Hey all, I just got word this morning that my buddy Chris' daughter India has gone missing. Please, read below for word from Chris about what's going on. For anybody reading this who lives in the Bay Area or Sac please keep your eyes peeled for this lovely young lady!

From Chris:

India Cloud was last seen on Friday May 29th, at 1:30 pm, walking on Sir Francis Drake blvd. in Fairfax, heading towards San Anselmo. She was carrying a wheeled suitcase and was possibly hitchhiking. India is 16 years old. Her Height is 5'7", she weighs approximately 120 lbs, her eyes and hair are brown. Her clothing is unknown.

Possible areas she might be are: Marin County, San Anselmo, San Rafael, or heading towards Sacramento.

Please contact Chris at 916 267-9883
or email at cfcloud23@gmail.com

anyone you can pass this information to would be a tremendous help. Also if anyone can help with fliers please contact me.


Anonymous said...


this needs to be reported to NCMEC so that people can help find her.

Anonymous said...

I saw India on Haight Street at 8:00 p.m. tonight (6/4) tearing down her missing person poster. I called the Fairfax Sheriff's department (like it said to do on a poster she missed) and they ended up telling me to call the San Francisco police department. The deputy didn't have the number so I looked it up to call (that response was kind of unsettling. I feel like they should have the SF department's number on hand).

If India wasn't found tonight, I suggest her parents put the posters up again and include the SF police department phone number.

Good luck finding her! Please post when she is found, I would really like to know.

Liv Moe said...

thanks for the update and for keeping an eye out! i will definitely post when i get more news.

Anonymous said...


The Missing persons report is filed in Marin county not Fairfax. Most cities -counties right in the area have a "track-flier". places that do not have this will only discover she is a missing persons if they run her name. Facebook enabled a large group of people to flier indepndantly and imediatly, but contact info was disorganized.BUT, This did produce sightings faster than enything imaginable.THANK YOU to all the people on Facebook. If India is seen #1 contact local police or sheriff #2 Try to keep in visual sight #3 contact me directly at 916-267-9883. Thank you every one for your help.

Christopher Cloud (dad)

gee whz said...

SAFE! And covered in bug bites apparently.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying she was found?!?!

Liv Moe said...

Yes, she was found and is safe at home with Chris and Monica:)

Anonymous said...

Why did she runaway to the Haight? We're very glad that she's OH and back at home w/ her parents.

Anonymous said...

where was she found?

Anonymous said...

Why the Haight? - I don't know but having grown up in the Ross/SanAnselmo/Fairfax area and having seen the same basic pattern since the 1970s I'd guess it's the same old reason Marin kids I knew ran off to become Dead-Heads - it's part of the local environment to seek out that kind of thing.

Too much time, money, insulated-reality-disconnect and drugs. Marin was already a too-small fish-bowl world for teens in the 70s and now with Helicopter-parenting and prisons-masquerading-as-schools it's got to be deadly oppressive.

I myself would have probably become a homeless street artist in the Haight myself but for a handful of random twists of fate. In theory, I'm a success instead - whatever that means. Still trying to unwind that BS! That's why I live in Asia now instead of the US. I prefer not to dwell among the reality-challenged.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of people were very concerned with this case, thank god she was found, many parents are not that lucky.

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