Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Due to recent comments made by announcers on KRXQ about transgender children, and the lack of a public response from KRXQ management about those comments, UC Davis Health System has canceled its advertising on the radio station and ended its partnership with the station for Children’s Miracle Network fundraising.
Claire Pomeroy, vice chancellor of Human Health Sciences and dean of the School of Medicine, notified the station’s management of the decision in a letter dated June 8.
During the “Rob, Arnie and Dawn” show on May 28, the hosts described children who express transgender feelings as “freaks,” and said “I look forward to when they go out into society and society beats them down.” In the days that followed the show, the hosts defended their comments, and station management remained silent on the matter. As of June 8, at least a dozen companies have withdrawn their advertising from KRXQ.
In her letter to station management, Pomeroy stated, “We affirm the right of freedom of expression, within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect. The statements made by Rob Williams and Arnie States were outside those bounds.”
Pomeroy also stated that hosts’ comments and the station’s “lack of a publicly articulated response” to them “are inconsistent with UC Davis’ values and mission.”
To read Pomeroy’s letter in its entirety, [please see below].
In fiscal year 2008-09, UC Davis Health System spent $3,400 in advertising with KRXQ, and the station raised $126,000 for UC Davis Children’s Hospital through its support of the Children’s Miracle Network.

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