Monday, June 29, 2009

All for Biggert!

Or most for Biggert.

Now that the Cindy Sherman screening is over my life is gonna be the all Biggert all the time channel until Thursday July 9th at 6pm. This morning my Biggert related tasks included ordering 124' lineal feet of 1' wide plexi and continuing the search for 400 sq ft of used or highly dated carpet. Anyone out there who can help on that last one? huh? anyone?

Untitled; Hitchhiker, Doug Biggert
Biggert's show is gonna be rad and getting the chance to work with Doug these past weeks has been highly enjoyable. In addition to showing 356 of Biggert's hitchhikers, The Verge will also be exhibiting A Sandalshop Wall in all of its 1972 glory, and a selection of Biggert's life size portraits including a few local favorites. This show is gonna be so much fun! As if this isn't enough I'm sure there will be some tasty brew on the night of the opening. After all this is Biggert we're talking about.

To be perfectly honest it isn't quite the all Biggert all the time channel. In addition to getting that show up I'm finishing a painting of Richard St. Ofle for the next installment of If You Do Me, I'll Do You. I was a little worried about getting Richard because he was one of the organizers of the event so I wanted to be sure that his portrait is good, and I've had like a million irons in the fire since receiving my assignment. Fortunately, I had a great chat with Richard and Corinne at the closing reception for Daniel Johnston which gave me the inspiration for what to do. Well that conversation mixed with the above photo to work from.

Okay, yak, yak, yak, back to work!

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