Monday, June 29, 2009

All for Biggert!

Or most for Biggert.

Now that the Cindy Sherman screening is over my life is gonna be the all Biggert all the time channel until Thursday July 9th at 6pm. This morning my Biggert related tasks included ordering 124' lineal feet of 1' wide plexi and continuing the search for 400 sq ft of used or highly dated carpet. Anyone out there who can help on that last one? huh? anyone?

Untitled; Hitchhiker, Doug Biggert
Biggert's show is gonna be rad and getting the chance to work with Doug these past weeks has been highly enjoyable. In addition to showing 356 of Biggert's hitchhikers, The Verge will also be exhibiting A Sandalshop Wall in all of its 1972 glory, and a selection of Biggert's life size portraits including a few local favorites. This show is gonna be so much fun! As if this isn't enough I'm sure there will be some tasty brew on the night of the opening. After all this is Biggert we're talking about.

To be perfectly honest it isn't quite the all Biggert all the time channel. In addition to getting that show up I'm finishing a painting of Richard St. Ofle for the next installment of If You Do Me, I'll Do You. I was a little worried about getting Richard because he was one of the organizers of the event so I wanted to be sure that his portrait is good, and I've had like a million irons in the fire since receiving my assignment. Fortunately, I had a great chat with Richard and Corinne at the closing reception for Daniel Johnston which gave me the inspiration for what to do. Well that conversation mixed with the above photo to work from.

Okay, yak, yak, yak, back to work!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

nadadada in the times


Guest of Cindy Sherman at the Verge this Saturday!

I'm at work today and busy as shit. Suprise I know. While I have a spare moment I wanted to make sure eveyone knows about the film screening this Saturday at the Verge. We're teaming up again with Movies on a Big Screen to bring you Guest of Cindy Sherman(!) the film I've been mentioning on this here blog for like a year now. Very exciting!

More exact particulars:

Guest of Cindy Sherman
This Saturday, June 27 at 7pm
5 smackers gets you in
Refreshments on the house ;)

In the early 1990s, Paul H-O became a fixture of the New York art scene with his public access show GalleryBeat. Armed with a video camera, he made his way around art openings and exhibitions, alienating some with his candid, witty assessments of their work but winning many fans in the process. Among the latter was Cindy Sherman, the press-shy art superstar, who later, to Paul's surprise, invited him to her downtown studio for a series of exclusive interviews, which form the basis of "Guest of Cindy Sherman." During the course of these sessions, he not only gains unprecedented insight into her artistic process, but also develops a deep-seated romantic attachment to her. Cindy returns the sentiment, and a relationship blossoms between the two. Their bliss is somewhat short-lived, however, as Paul finds himself wracked with anxiety about his own personality becoming subsumed by his role as Cindy's "plus one" at the celebrity-studded art openings and dinners she regularly attends.

Filmed over the course of 15 years and including interviews with a veritable who's who of the art and entertainment world (including Roberta Smith, Ingrid Sischy, John Waters, Robert Longo, Carol Kane, David Furnish, Danny DeVito, Molly Ringwald, and Eric Fischl), "Guest of Cindy Sherman" paints a vivid picture of a New York art scene increasingly driven by money and fame. H-O also tackles-with more than a bit of humor-the role his own fragile ego plays in his relationship with Sherman. The end result is a witty, illuminating look at celebrity, male anxiety, and art.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tonight they burned the man

Rather make that this afternoon at 4pm they burned the man.

Apparently, last night shit got crazy at the El Cortez, the fuzz were called and the art party got busted. Those of us over at the Townhouse were unaware of these doings, and didn't hear anything of it 'til the next morning. In fact I think I had actually thrown in the towel by about 11pm last night and headed to the Circus, Circus shuttle with DB and Skipper long before the shit hit the fan at the Cortez.

I was pretty surprised by the anti-climatic end the whole affair came to considering the heady events we experienced these past few days. Either way my plan was to hit it first thing this morning so I could be back for father's day. On the drive back I ruminated on my feelings in regard to the whole shebang, something I'll have to chew on further at a later date after at least one full night's sleep has been had. I will say though that the heavy burning man vibe wore me out after awhile - even though I was expecting it - as did the overall lack of organization. I know this is supposed to be a free form deal but the public still needs to know when to show up. Also, it seemed that the event tended toward the evening which, had I known that I would have spent more time out and about during the day. That's all neither here nor there though anymore.

On a positive note I did meet some really great folks some of which I hope to stay in contact with post NDM and gained more install experience which is always a good thing not to mention just getting my work shown out of Sac. The rooms were great for installing work in too and provided me with the perfect backdrop. I took a load of pictures of my install throughout the weekend. As Mike Farrell would say "I'm doing things yo, doing things!"

In closing I give you the disembodied neon fetus that I closed each night and opened each morning with.

Good night.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dildo rides $5

It rained last night. An interesting development considering Skipper and I sat around in the sun for a good part of the afternoon.

In all I think I probably had somewhere between 40 and 60 visitors. Maybe more. It was really hard to tell.

The trickle started after we got up and hit the Java Jungle for some mediocre coffee and wifi and made yet another quick trip to Home Depot off the 395 for lights to doll up the room. After much sweat and toil the room was open for business by 11:30 to low to no demand.

The room came together pretty well. I'm really happy with the way my work looks in the old Town House.

We made a trip across the way to the Cortez to check things out and got some delicious sandwiches from Reno Marketplace for lunch and then had more sitting. In hindsight I kind of wish I we had ventured to the Sands’ pool instead. Candy and nuts I suppose.

More time was wasted before we went in search of the Pneumatic Diner…. Delicious!!!!!! And perfect.

Post dinner things picked up. I had a steady stream of visitors, potentially scored another show and had an encounter with a total weirdo. All isolated incidences.

This young effeminate kid came into the room looked around, laid some compliments on me and then said I should come check out his room later. I said okay which encouraged him to give me his card. He identified himself as Mike Brisbin in room 119 and gave me a card advertising the “Room of a 1,000 Dildos.” When I didn’t bat an eye over his “business card” he made eye contact with me in a way that said “huh? Ya like that?” I thought interesting this kid seems kinda young to possess the ambition to fill a low rent motel room with 1,000 dildos….

He went on to do some other strange things including donning a pair of CHP style shades, slicking his mock hawk, and attempting what I’m pretty sure may have been flirting in hindsight. Oh yeah, he preened in my mirror for a long time too.

After he left Skipper immediately said that he wanted to check out the Room of a 1,000 Dildos first. When he got back he was referencing the guy who’s installation it was and I thought this sounds like a guy who’s a bit older than the youngster who was in my room a minute ago.

Later I too went down to check out dildo city and realized that the kid was totally impersonating the dildo man and actually had nothing to with the whole thing. WTF?

Dildo city was crazy. There were a lot of dildos.

And dildo rides for all.

Later in the night the fuzz showed up and busted up the dildo party or at least the part taking place in the parking lot. I call him the cop that took the dildos away. Or at least the 10 or so displayed outside in the parking lot.

This has indeed been an experience.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Reno it is

Oh goodness Reno. Apparently the NY Times is here which is something I can't totally wrap my brain around although after yesterday's introduction to NADA DADA I can attest that there is certainly plenty going on...

When we pulled into the Townhouse Motor Lodge yesterday afternoon it looked like almost nothing was happening so we checked in and beat feet for Taco John's.

Taco burger. mmmmm

Potato Oles. double mmmmmm

Pack of topless tweekers, skittering around Taco John's looking for panhandling "gas money" not-so mmmmm.

After leaving TJ's I went to the nearest Salvation Army in search of replacement bedding for my room to replace the generic late nineties hotel bedspread the suite came with. I also got a sheet to make a sign out of announcing my room to the masses.

When we got back to the room the Mayor of NADA DADA gave a speech which was well received and semi well attended.

Patty Melt the woman capturing the mayor's image in the foreground once swam with Lyndon Johnson in the pool that used to exist under the freshly laid sod under her feet.

The LA Mudpeople showed up during the speech which was cool. I've been wanting to check them out. At the risk of sounding super un-PC I'm a little confused by the rascal being employed by one of the MPs. The rascal kind of blows their cover as a mysterious indigenous tribe of unknown origins unfettered by modern civilization.

While the mayor was speeching and the Mud People were Mud Peopling a belligerent Renoan arrived and demand that the NADA DADA mayor refrain from representing himself as a mayor. The Renoan got really angry and after lots of yelling said he was going in search of the fuzz, that's him the crosswalk. Good luck.

Once the afternoon's festivities wrapped I set to work installing the room.

Ah the "blank" slate. I've decided to keep the bed, a decision I hope I don't regret.

After a few hours hanging arranging and sweating it was dinner at the cute Vietnamese restaurant in the Cortez, coconut M&Ms, High Life, and sleep.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iranian Uprising

A friend has been receiving first hand accounts from a friend in Iran regarding the current uprisings taking place there. She has asked that the word get out and that this information get to as many folks possible so I'm posting the messages below. Just in case, however, I'm eliminating her friend's name from these messages. Very sad stuff... Thanks for news TT.


I just received my second message of the day regarding the violence in Iran, which appears to be much more widespread then what has made it to the US newspapers. The first, the account copied below, comes from a friend of ---.

The second comes from a good Persian friend of mine from residency who has shared multiple video clips through Facebook from the University of Isfahan, where students posted images of themselves shot and/or dying following protests there. I will not copy them here. But they are as chaotic, heart-breaking, and graphic as you might imagine. The accompanying posts note that students were shot by police in the students dorms as well as at the protests and note the presence of sniper fire.

If we can do nothing else, at least we can help give them a voice.


Quick update, as I'm very tired, and all internet services are cut (we
have tried to connect via dialup for the last few hours) and even phone
calling abroad has become nearly impossible. Please, on my behalf,
thank everyone, is so helpful for me to write every day and
to know that you are reading. Internet communication has been nearly
impossible; unable to send a single email last night! Think Sisyphus.


TEHRAN, June 15, 3h30---Today, at least 1 million people gathered for a
'silent' march from Revolution Square to Freedom Square. The crowd,
which filled the wide avenue, extended further, and at one point it
became impossible to move forward. There are no official figures (and
those would of course be disputable), but I have never seen a
demonstration like this in my life, anywhere!

People walked silently, hands raised. We had been warned to stay
indoors, as the police have orders to fire live bullets, and this being
Iran, we take that for exactly what it means, but people did not

As night fell, and the crowd dispersed, Bassiji militiamen opened fire
on the crowd, killing one (his photo is circulating) and many were
injured. The city took flames again, but by this point I had come
home. In our neighborhood, there were Bassijis stationed with police
at the major square north of the house, pushing people and hitting cars
with batons, telling people to go home. Again at 9:30 pm, people made
their way to the rooftops to cry out, "Allah Akbar" and "Death to
Dictatorship". We heard shots that sounded like tear gas pellets
(although they are using some strange nerve gas or other chemical
agent, not tear gas) but also live fire.

Today, students at Tehran University were in mourning. Many of their
peers were arrested last night, and one student was shot dead, when
Bassijis raided their dorms and beat them. Today, as the demonstration
passed by the University, we saw students protesting from inside and speaking to
people through the metal bars. They were locked in.

I won't get into the decisions and talks taking place in the high ranks
of the regime, and amongst reformist groups. These people, no matter
how much they represent 'change', are problematic political leaders
with shady pasts.

Tonight we are only thinking of the dead, from the past and today, and
preparing ourselves for more. Something is taking form, and it is only
a matter of time before there is a bigger backlash than what we have

Here are the names of the 5 people who have been confirmed dead from
yesterday and Saturday's clashes. 2 women and 3 men, all of whom were
buried in Behesht Zahra cemetery without their families being notified.

Fatemeh Barati
Kasra Sharafi
Mina Eterami
Kambiz Shoai
Mohsen Imani

We do not yet know the name of the man shot dead tonight.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A level, a comb, and one Eurasian Sea Captain

Having never installed work in a hotel room before the following is the list of things I'm suspecting I will need:

Nails, screws, anchors
Screw gun
A level
Ice Chest
7 digital prints
7 wig pieces
Hair Chair
Comb for hair chair
Hair cutting scissors
Plastic trash bags
Extra lights
One Eurasian Sea Captain
Bathing suit

Recently, my friend Natalie wrote with an insiders list of shit to do in the biggest little city in the world. In addition to her great suggestions I think I may also need a fast loop through Circus Circus and this may just be the trip where I finally try the .99 ham and egg breakfast at Cal Neva. I will be there for three days after all. Who can say? Reno will be my oyster!

In conclusion compiling the above list led me to google image search Eurasian Sea Captains. Enjoy...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tasty as all get out

Next week I'll be venturing to Reno for Nada Dada a DIY art explosion happening in a pair motels on Arlington Street. Though I am looking forward to the trip I have no idea what to expect. The whole build your own art scene can be a dangerous prospect, especially giving burning man's growing influence on the west coast art community. Blech.

In fairness, BM (funny, shares initials with a certain other movement if you know what I mean) rears its head all over the place these days as more high art fairs and establishments give it a stodgy twirl. We shall see what we shall see. Either way I'm happy to be branching out and meeting new artists.

One thing I can be sure of on this voyage, however, is a delicious trip to Taco Johns for some yummy "west mex". Growing up Taco Time was one of my favorite restaurants and TJ's is the next best thing this side of SLC. In fact some years ago me, Muggs, Skipper, and G Bomb took the American Coach all the way to Reno just for some tasty Taco Johns.

Granted I can only stomach their fare about once a year. I think the last time I ate there was when the Old Man and I attended the west coast Crosley meet in Minden, NV which has been about two years ago meaning I'm seriously starving for some potato oles!

Can't wait!

and another one...


Due to recent comments made by announcers on KRXQ about transgender children, and the lack of a public response from KRXQ management about those comments, UC Davis Health System has canceled its advertising on the radio station and ended its partnership with the station for Children’s Miracle Network fundraising.
Claire Pomeroy, vice chancellor of Human Health Sciences and dean of the School of Medicine, notified the station’s management of the decision in a letter dated June 8.
During the “Rob, Arnie and Dawn” show on May 28, the hosts described children who express transgender feelings as “freaks,” and said “I look forward to when they go out into society and society beats them down.” In the days that followed the show, the hosts defended their comments, and station management remained silent on the matter. As of June 8, at least a dozen companies have withdrawn their advertising from KRXQ.
In her letter to station management, Pomeroy stated, “We affirm the right of freedom of expression, within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect. The statements made by Rob Williams and Arnie States were outside those bounds.”
Pomeroy also stated that hosts’ comments and the station’s “lack of a publicly articulated response” to them “are inconsistent with UC Davis’ values and mission.”
To read Pomeroy’s letter in its entirety, [please see below].
In fiscal year 2008-09, UC Davis Health System spent $3,400 in advertising with KRXQ, and the station raised $126,000 for UC Davis Children’s Hospital through its support of the Children’s Miracle Network.

Monday, June 8, 2009


would ya look at that i'm in the sac press. funny that just a few minutes ago a friend of mine who lives in Reno wrote to say, you're staying at the townhouse? that's a weirdo meth hotel.


Friday, June 5, 2009

What a week!

Got word the very sad news that India Cloud was missing and finally finished my residency application after multiple retools.

Did my favorite thing in the whole world(!) distributed the magazine. Wucka, wucka. Then had delicious $1 sushi and saw Personal and Pizzas. Brilliant

Kept the growing bum camp at bay while working at the Verge, called the cops twice and cleaned up a buncha broken beer bottles which were a result of an altercation they got in on the sidewalk out front. Tried to contact the railroad who owns the property behind the building to no avail. Before leaving work noticed that one of our campers had fashioned a shiv out of a broken aluminum fishing pole. ug

Got home and made the grossest dinner I've concocted in some time using mong toi spinach. The shit actually triggered a gag reflex in the back of my throat leaving me nauseous long after dinner was over. Slimey, slimey, slimey.

Night time greeted us with a fantastic thunderstorm which eroded my irritation with myself for making a crappy dinner. boom

Read a gang of art theory, lap swam, got word of the stupid Rob, Arnie and Dawn show debacle. After reading the insensitive remarks these morons made I sprung into action making multiple phone calls and sending emails with fantastic results. It seems like the last few causes I've pursued haven't really amount to much so I was delighted by the overwhelming response I received from 98 Rock advertisers telling me that they decided to pull all their advertising as a result of the outcry from the public about the program. Kudos to Carl's Jr., Chipotle, Guitar Center, Sonic, Snapple, and McDonald's for doing the right thing!

Got home from dinner with friends to the great news that India was spotted in San Francisco. Fingers crossed


Phew, what a week!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

India Cloud is missing

Hey all, I just got word this morning that my buddy Chris' daughter India has gone missing. Please, read below for word from Chris about what's going on. For anybody reading this who lives in the Bay Area or Sac please keep your eyes peeled for this lovely young lady!

From Chris:

India Cloud was last seen on Friday May 29th, at 1:30 pm, walking on Sir Francis Drake blvd. in Fairfax, heading towards San Anselmo. She was carrying a wheeled suitcase and was possibly hitchhiking. India is 16 years old. Her Height is 5'7", she weighs approximately 120 lbs, her eyes and hair are brown. Her clothing is unknown.

Possible areas she might be are: Marin County, San Anselmo, San Rafael, or heading towards Sacramento.

Please contact Chris at 916 267-9883
or email at

anyone you can pass this information to would be a tremendous help. Also if anyone can help with fliers please contact me.