Monday, May 11, 2009

Talk to me

For at least the past ten years now I've been on a casual hunt to find an object that I haven't even been entirely sure ever existed. In my mind's eye I could picture these books with little tiny records embedded in the pages. The books came with a small hand held record player that you would clamp on the record and it would play along with what you were reading. Awesome right? In my head the records were multi-colored and the little record player was see through. The only book I remember having of this variety was about the Muppet Show. Again, awesome.

Whenever, I've described these books to people I get confused looks. It seems I'm one of the few folks out there who remembers these record player books. For awhile I thought I dreamt the whole thing. Last night prior to falling asleep I remembered the wonders of the internet and decided to do some investigating and wah, lah! Fisher Price Talk-to-Me books appeared. I wasn't dreaming.

Not only did I find a set for sale on ebay which I am refraining from buying because they aren't cheap and I can't seem to justify spending $50 on some kid's books and a little hand held record player, I also found some other books I now remember owning after having laid eyes on them - Walt Disney's The Ghost Hunters and I Wish I Had a Giraffe in particular. In doing some research I found that they were only made for about two years which explains why no one has heard of them. It's really not too surprisingly that a book with embedded records intended to be played by a little hand held device operated by children would fall out of favor so quickly. My guess is that the discs got scratched to shit in no time flat. One thing I can remember from playing with my Talk-to-Me book was figuring out a way to speed up and slow down the needle to make the records sound "better" once I had the story memorized.

I certainly know what I'll be adding to my birthday wish list...

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Liv Moe said...

holy crap! those books went for $106!