Friday, May 8, 2009

Hurray for Thursday

Thursday night openings are my new favorite thing. The spectacle that is 2nd Sat is fine, and great for local commerce but the oblivious sardine style crunch that occurs is overwhelming. By comparison, the Daniel Johnston show last night had a steady stream of visitors starting right at 6pm when the the doors opened and low, just about every person who entered spent time with each piece! Folks were looking at the work, reading the text, and asking plenty of insightful questions about Daniel and David Stein. Fantastic! Hurray for Thursday!

Now I'm heading to a noon meeting and am TIRED! Because this isn't the most inspired post I give you two things I found myself mentioning over and over last night so it warrants a share. Both were scored off AFC.

First I give you:

awkward boners

and then:

look at this fucking hipster

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