Friday, May 1, 2009

doin' it, doin' it, d, d, doin' it, doin' it

for the past almost week and a half now this is all i have been doing.

painting, painting, painting, wrapping, hanging, mailing, shipping, hanging, and painting some more. i have a sore throat, i'm tired, and sick of seeing red, but at the same time i'm really, really, really, excited about this show. last night i got back to work after a quick trip out to davis for the roloff lecture and was overwhelmed by how great everything is looking. i called my co-director and the two of us were remarking on how weird pulling a show together is. in the early stages there's this crazy uncertainty when you're making calls and coordinating shipping and selecting the works you want to show, the whole time keeping your fingers crossed that everything is going to come together as planned.

then someone (me) comes up with this crazy mural project in the thick of everything else, which is turning out great but is definitely a lot of work. in the end there are nights like last night where you show up and sit down and marvel that another production came together. it's stressful, satisfying, exhausting, and energizing all at once. now i'm off to hopefully tackle the last of the painting. hopefully.

because i'm a girl to love a project i just added TT or topical thursday's to my line up. there was a little piece about it on sac press this week and i just finally made my first post last night. check it out!

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Annie Phan said...

love the painting!