Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concentrated and Productive

Today was one of those magic studio days. I was productive, engaged, and everything I touched worked out either as planned or better. I was super bummed when I had to split and was already anticipating my next visit. Unfortunately, between the screening on Thursday and my jammed pack weekend I won't return until Monday most likely. Or maybe Friday morning but it's doubtful.

As for what made today so perfect...

Paradise, silk flowers, rubber leaves, rayon scraps, wig, 2009

Paradise! She is finished. What is paradise you might ask? Well, in this instance paradise is a synthetic mullet wig with rayon scraps, rubber foliage, and silk hyacinths.

Paradise, detail, 2009

While the camera was out I got some shots of Party for some things I'm entering as well. I may have to retake this one...

Party, plastic leis, wig, thread, 2008

And then I work, work, worked on new work. Like this wig saturated in cement. I keep thinking about doing something that will allow me to focus on texture and form in the creation of the wigs without thinking as much about color, style, and variety of flower. I thought perhaps soaking everything in thin layers of cement similar to some work I made several years ago might be a good place to start. I certainly like the way this is turning out. The places where the aggregate collects in the hair is great.

In the meantime I'm still working on my regular wig works as well.

Finally, over the weekend the Ol' Man brought home a dress form and I thought huh, what am I gonna do with this? Off the top of my head nothing came to mind so I took it to my studio thinking I would be storing it for a while. Before I left today I got the idea to start draping the afghans and sheets I've been collecting on the form and a wealth of ideas sprung to mind. The above is by no means a finished work but it is a study that I hope has set me on a new exciting path. Either way it feels good to be concentrating and productive!

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