Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Boys of Summer

Monday marked my first dunk in the American for the year. My companions on the voyage included Ted Plank and Smitty the Elder not to be confused with Smitty's younger sister, Greater Smitty or Lil' Red as she's sometimes known.

On our way to fetch Smitty the Elder, TP and I had to make a brief detour through Alaska. brrrrrrr

Jesus himself greeted us at S the E's front door flanked by a gaggle of dolphins. Eight to be exact.

The river was mighty damn cold but TP took it like a man.


Before heading home we took Ted on a hike around Sutter's Landing. Like everyone else in the known universe he had heard about tent city and was hoping to see evidence of such to tell the folks back home in LA. Aside from a couple enjoying a a twelver of Steele Reserve under the railroad bridge there wasn't much to see.

We did, however, stumble upon these crazy furry wasp ants though.

Behold, the velvet ant or "cow killer." Ack!

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yolkie said...

ha, awesome. I have to travel through Alaska every day to get to my apartment. I always wondered where that burst of cold air was coming from.