Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can't get enough

More bad paintings of Barack Obama

Watch your back Shepard Fairey!

Crocker Auction Preview tonight!

The Crocker's free preview party for their upcoming auction is tonight at Cal Expo. Granted the parking is $10 so it isn't entirely free but it is a good way to get a giant overview of the work being produced in this region right now. I donated the above piece this year which will be one of many available for your bidding pleasure. Check it out!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stoked(!) Americans

Last Friday I visited three bay area MFA shows and Mills', Young Americans was the clear victor. The work was absolutely amazing, beautifully installed, and executed. Such a treat!

Rather than subject you to my mediocre photos from the show I give you this you tube tour of the work:

Now get down there if you can before the week is through!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Boys of Summer

Monday marked my first dunk in the American for the year. My companions on the voyage included Ted Plank and Smitty the Elder not to be confused with Smitty's younger sister, Greater Smitty or Lil' Red as she's sometimes known.

On our way to fetch Smitty the Elder, TP and I had to make a brief detour through Alaska. brrrrrrr

Jesus himself greeted us at S the E's front door flanked by a gaggle of dolphins. Eight to be exact.

The river was mighty damn cold but TP took it like a man.


Before heading home we took Ted on a hike around Sutter's Landing. Like everyone else in the known universe he had heard about tent city and was hoping to see evidence of such to tell the folks back home in LA. Aside from a couple enjoying a a twelver of Steele Reserve under the railroad bridge there wasn't much to see.

We did, however, stumble upon these crazy furry wasp ants though.

Behold, the velvet ant or "cow killer." Ack!

Artball, artball, artball, artball, artball, artball, artball, art, art, artball, artball, artball, art

Last Friday's Artball at CSUS was crackin' off, with most of the studio class rooms open and exhibiting work in conjunction with all three galleries and some art car action. Art! Art! Art! Art! Art! Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly in my forays across campus I didn't take any pictures of either of the two grad shows even though there was a lot of work I really liked. The David Hume Kennerly show at the Library Gallery is cool too. That guy has been everywhere important for the past 4+ decades. The Jonestown image haunted me for the rest of the evening.

Anyhoo, here it is in living color, Artball 09.

This was my favorite piece of the evening.

Hypnotize me!

Print lab funny business.

OMF and I were both fans of this one.

Wetzl, insisted that I head up stairs to check out his drawing class' work and I'm super glad I did. This pastel drawing is beautiful despite my bad photo of it.

Dicks anyone?

There were a flock of four dicks on the wall wearing ties.

I'm still not sure about the automobile logos.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Devil Tonight!

Don't forget the free screening of The Devil and Daniel Johnston at The Verge tonight!!!!

This Thursday, May 14 The Verge Gallery and Studio Project will be screening The Devil and Daniel Johnston for free at 7pm!

In case you're not familiar with the film, The Devil and Daniel Johnston tells the story of singer, songwriter, musician and artist Daniel Johnston. The award-winning documentary follows Johnston through his promising youth, early fame and battles with mental illness. Johnston's music has been performed by hundreds of artists including Tom Waits and Sonic Youth, and his art was selected for the 2006 Whitney Biennial and is the subject of a recent monograph from Rizzoli Publishing.

The Verge is delighted to host the film and its director, Jeff Feuerzeig, who will available to answer questions after the screening. Feuerzeig's film took Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005 as well as Best Documentary at The San Francisco Independent Film Festival the same year.

For questions call The Verge at 916.448.2985

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concentrated and Productive

Today was one of those magic studio days. I was productive, engaged, and everything I touched worked out either as planned or better. I was super bummed when I had to split and was already anticipating my next visit. Unfortunately, between the screening on Thursday and my jammed pack weekend I won't return until Monday most likely. Or maybe Friday morning but it's doubtful.

As for what made today so perfect...

Paradise, silk flowers, rubber leaves, rayon scraps, wig, 2009

Paradise! She is finished. What is paradise you might ask? Well, in this instance paradise is a synthetic mullet wig with rayon scraps, rubber foliage, and silk hyacinths.

Paradise, detail, 2009

While the camera was out I got some shots of Party for some things I'm entering as well. I may have to retake this one...

Party, plastic leis, wig, thread, 2008

And then I work, work, worked on new work. Like this wig saturated in cement. I keep thinking about doing something that will allow me to focus on texture and form in the creation of the wigs without thinking as much about color, style, and variety of flower. I thought perhaps soaking everything in thin layers of cement similar to some work I made several years ago might be a good place to start. I certainly like the way this is turning out. The places where the aggregate collects in the hair is great.

In the meantime I'm still working on my regular wig works as well.

Finally, over the weekend the Ol' Man brought home a dress form and I thought huh, what am I gonna do with this? Off the top of my head nothing came to mind so I took it to my studio thinking I would be storing it for a while. Before I left today I got the idea to start draping the afghans and sheets I've been collecting on the form and a wealth of ideas sprung to mind. The above is by no means a finished work but it is a study that I hope has set me on a new exciting path. Either way it feels good to be concentrating and productive!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Talk to me

For at least the past ten years now I've been on a casual hunt to find an object that I haven't even been entirely sure ever existed. In my mind's eye I could picture these books with little tiny records embedded in the pages. The books came with a small hand held record player that you would clamp on the record and it would play along with what you were reading. Awesome right? In my head the records were multi-colored and the little record player was see through. The only book I remember having of this variety was about the Muppet Show. Again, awesome.

Whenever, I've described these books to people I get confused looks. It seems I'm one of the few folks out there who remembers these record player books. For awhile I thought I dreamt the whole thing. Last night prior to falling asleep I remembered the wonders of the internet and decided to do some investigating and wah, lah! Fisher Price Talk-to-Me books appeared. I wasn't dreaming.

Not only did I find a set for sale on ebay which I am refraining from buying because they aren't cheap and I can't seem to justify spending $50 on some kid's books and a little hand held record player, I also found some other books I now remember owning after having laid eyes on them - Walt Disney's The Ghost Hunters and I Wish I Had a Giraffe in particular. In doing some research I found that they were only made for about two years which explains why no one has heard of them. It's really not too surprisingly that a book with embedded records intended to be played by a little hand held device operated by children would fall out of favor so quickly. My guess is that the discs got scratched to shit in no time flat. One thing I can remember from playing with my Talk-to-Me book was figuring out a way to speed up and slow down the needle to make the records sound "better" once I had the story memorized.

I certainly know what I'll be adding to my birthday wish list...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hurray for Thursday

Thursday night openings are my new favorite thing. The spectacle that is 2nd Sat is fine, and great for local commerce but the oblivious sardine style crunch that occurs is overwhelming. By comparison, the Daniel Johnston show last night had a steady stream of visitors starting right at 6pm when the the doors opened and low, just about every person who entered spent time with each piece! Folks were looking at the work, reading the text, and asking plenty of insightful questions about Daniel and David Stein. Fantastic! Hurray for Thursday!

Now I'm heading to a noon meeting and am TIRED! Because this isn't the most inspired post I give you two things I found myself mentioning over and over last night so it warrants a share. Both were scored off AFC.

First I give you:

awkward boners

and then:

look at this fucking hipster

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Official Low Down

Okay, so here it is, the thing to do this Thursday, Saturday and next Thursday evenings.

First this Thursday the Verge will be hosting an opening night reception for Museum of Love: the Work of Daniel Johnston. The party will run from 6-10pm and will include tours of our resident artist's studios.

In addition to Daniel's work in the main gallery, David M. Stein's Unlikely Library will be feature in the front space. Food and drinks will be provided.

Then on Saturday we will of course be open for 2nd Saturday, also from 6-10pm.

Finally, the following Thursday, May 14 the Verge is pleased to host director Jeff Feuerzeig who will be presenting his film The Devil and Daniel Johnston at 7pm with a Q&A to follow.

So much to do, you can't miss it!!!!

Museum of Love: the Work of Daniel Johnston
David M. Stein's
Unlikely Library

Opening reception
Thursday, May 7 from 6-10pm

and then
2nd Sat of course

The Devil and Daniel Johnston
with director Jeff Feuerzeig in attendance

Thursday, May 14 at 7pm

Friday, May 1, 2009

doin' it, doin' it, d, d, doin' it, doin' it

for the past almost week and a half now this is all i have been doing.

painting, painting, painting, wrapping, hanging, mailing, shipping, hanging, and painting some more. i have a sore throat, i'm tired, and sick of seeing red, but at the same time i'm really, really, really, excited about this show. last night i got back to work after a quick trip out to davis for the roloff lecture and was overwhelmed by how great everything is looking. i called my co-director and the two of us were remarking on how weird pulling a show together is. in the early stages there's this crazy uncertainty when you're making calls and coordinating shipping and selecting the works you want to show, the whole time keeping your fingers crossed that everything is going to come together as planned.

then someone (me) comes up with this crazy mural project in the thick of everything else, which is turning out great but is definitely a lot of work. in the end there are nights like last night where you show up and sit down and marvel that another production came together. it's stressful, satisfying, exhausting, and energizing all at once. now i'm off to hopefully tackle the last of the painting. hopefully.

because i'm a girl to love a project i just added TT or topical thursday's to my line up. there was a little piece about it on sac press this week and i just finally made my first post last night. check it out!