Friday, April 10, 2009

Things to do, do, do!

There is so much to do this weekend, starting tonight with The Power of the Peep screening at Movies on a Big Screen. For more info check out the Midmo website.

Tomorrow be sure to remember the artist funding lecture being held at Verge (see bellow). This is free money to make art people. Apply!!!! Following the lecture Rebecca Crowther will be taking prom photos one last time from 6-10pm. Bring a date, dress up and pose!

Finally, Terry Berlier's installation at CCAS closes Saturday. I attended Chris Daubert's lecture about Terry last night and it was wonderful. Chris did a fantastic job of explaining the work to a mixed audience without over simplifying anything. If you haven't already seen Terry's show make sure you drop by before it closes.

I'm out!

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