Thursday, April 23, 2009

Support the arts DAMN IT!

To celebrate 20 years on the street, SNR compiled a chat-a-thon amongst local folks in the arts, music, business, etc. While I am in part mentioning said chat-a-thon because I was featured in it, I'm also bringing it up based on the resounding sentiment which kept resurfacing throughout. The arts need to be support in this community! Great metropolitan centers have successful and well supported art scenes. It's a fact.

A few of my favorite quotes include:

“There were venues that were not shut down and harassed, but flourishing. Every day of the week people were out at shows or … just out ready to do shit,” - Skinner

Artist Aaron Winters is a bit more to the point: “More art collectors, less ‘free wine’ drinkers. More all-ages venues, less valet parking.”


But City Hall’s idea of what makes Sacramento relevant has never been really been in line with local artists. As Samborski puts it: “I could never understand how having a pro sports team makes us a world-class city?! Who goes to Paris to watch sports?”



Ann Tracy's said...

not only visual arts, but theatre too! All we get is lip service from the city about the arts. But how do we encourage folks to participate in the arts scene?

Richard St.Ofle said...

Paris Saint-Germain is one of the biggest football (soccer) teams in the world!!
The finals for the World Cup, Rugby World Cup, European Championship, and UEFA Cup have all be held at the Stade de France -- not to mention Roland Garros (aka the French Open)

it's not that I don't see her point, (because I DO see her point) it's just that Paris is HUGE, and what we do when we visit Paris doesn't have any real bearing on what Paris really IS!

That said; I wholeheartedly agree that we need a kick-start in the art department, and that all age venues are where it's at!

wburg said...

Remember, the most important part of the Sacramento arts community is those that are masters of the art of the deal...

Liv Moe said...

Excellent point Richard.

I think the Samborski comment is really a reference to the stupid Kings. The sort of phenomenon that surrounds soccer or any sport that has a super enthusiastic following isn't something one can set out to make. I think that's what's so stupid about the whole Sac's gonna be a world class city once we get a world class arena. Kings fever has waned and even if it was still bumpin' building a stadium with tax payer dollars isn't going to make us world class. Maybe U.S. class. Maybe.

To extrapolate and throw my own point into the mix I think it's interesting that city officials see the need to reach beyond what we naturally have - i.e. a thriving art community - to dump money into something that may or may not make it - i.e. lofty development projects and sports complexes. It would be interesting and splendid to see what might happen if money was thrown at something the community is currently showing a lot of enthusiasm for, like oh say... art.

To Bill... masters of the art deal indeed. As a reluctant dealer myself I would extend that to say adventurous/ambitious collectors would be sweet too.