Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm not really that worried about the swine flu. There's something about a nationwide media frenzy that tends to make me less worried about things as opposed to more. I did think as I was heading out last night though that a rock and roll show is the perfect vehicle for the piggy virus. A club is like a big sticky germ incubator, it's warm and sweaty, with folks shaking hands and leaning in close to one another to talk over the noise of the show. You pullin' the vampire sneeze? Doesn't matter. When everybody's standing that close together you can cover your mouth all you want. When you sneeze you sneeze on everyone. Sorta something to think about maybe. Or maybe not.

Stay away from the purple kool-aid guys.

I was mulling all this over last night whilst waiting for Flowers Forever to get the show on the road. Apparently, FF are some serious f&*^in' professionals. Either that or they just really enjoy sound checking in front of a crowded room for close to half the length of time it took the opening act to play their full set.

"Can I get more volume in my monitor? check, check, check, Okay, no wait hold on can we check my monitor again? check, check, lalalalalalalalala, check, check, check, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. lalalalalalal, would it be okay to turn up my stage volume? 1,2,1,2." Jesus Christ!

Before they finally stopped fussing I thought, you guys better rule or this whole little exercise is just gonna feel that much more tedious. Guess what? They didn't. Surprise I know. They were okay in a synthy, zoney, art school, ironic haircut way. After the first song I sat down to avoid heckling any further than the few things I was inspired to let fly before they finally started playing.

I snagged this image off the Victim of Time website cuz I didn't bring a camera last night.

In contrast No Bunny was on f&*%in' fire last night. It was perhaps the best No Bunny set I've ever seen. Dudes were on, pants were lost, smoke bombs were thrown. The set was fast, high energy, and fun without a moment to catch your breath. Fantastic.

As for the Black Lips.... it's funny, I've listened to "Let it Bloom" a fair amount this past year. Their live shows are pretty solid, but they don't really set my world on fire the way they do for some folks. When I was waiting in line last night to get in this young dude in line behind me was asking me if I was "stoked?" I said sure, about what? To which he said "this show tonight! I've been waiting for this for f&*%in' weeks. I can't believe it's finally the night! What about you? Are you stoked?" I said "yeah" to be polite thinking I was in fact stoked that No bunny got added to the line up that afternoon and after his set I totally was.


Anonymous said...

Flowers Forever's set up and sound check was NOT half as long as NoBunny's whole set... it was five minutes longer! NoBunny set: 30 min. FF set up/soundcheck: 35 min. I guess that's where the 'Forever' part of their name comes in.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to pretened that my $12.00 went to nobunny.

Liv Moe said...


fft said...

i wish i would have spent the 12 and went. i sent the intern and he was probably the one in line all "stoked" that's totally his verbage.