Tuesday, March 24, 2009

hair pieces, hardware, and flowers that are too big?

So technically, this blog was originally intended to function as a studio log + what ever I found inspiring in my daily life with studio coming first. In recent months the studio posts have been nearly non-existent a condition which has occurred for a variety of reasons. First there is the Verge which though it does take a lot of time it certainly has enough peaks and valleys that I should be able to tackle studio time between shows, although in fairness the frequent events and trips have made a complete unpacking difficult. Then there was a little insect problem which though not prohibitive was less then thrilling. Match this with the fact that the better part of December, January, and February were butt ass freakin' cold and you get my drift.

Throughout the coldest months I spent a lot of time working in the living room to catch up on work for shows and such and devoted studio time to getting my real studio set up and painted for the grand opening last January. Steve's show was a whirlwind and now that, that's all said and done and Personal Lives is bumping along smoothly I have finally been able to completely and totally unpack. Home, sweet, home and boy is it glorious.

I gotta say despite the inconvenience of switching studios 4 times in four years the excuse to go through each and every little bit of your stuff is a real gift. Not only do you find things you can get rid of, but you also find things you forgot you had. Like these glorious hairpieces:

I actually found a good lot of stuff to work with today meaning that I shouldn't have to go in search of materials anytime soon although in truth I probably will anyway.

Now that I'm cranking I've decided that it's time I made these wig works right the first go around as opposed to making them and then having to retool their construction when an institution is interested in them or I sell one. That said I spent part of the afternoon experimenting with hanging brackets. This one is okay, we'll see. It's the best solution I have so far. Unfortunately, there is no prescribed way to hang a wig covered in various what-have-you. Also, affixing hanging hardware on the back of a work before you even get started is a real buzz kill. Although, I suppose it's better than trying to recreate an original after it fell apart as a result of an attempt to reinforce it and fit it with a bracket.

Finally, I decided to call it quits for the day when I couldn't decided whether these flowers were too big or not. Best to make such a determination before you glue them in place.


HK said...

I like the flowers! The color goes well with the green in the leaves and the hair. Keep em!

Ol' Man Foster said...

Those flowers are perfect!

Liv Moe said...

i concur. big flowers it is.

filmnotdead said...

Oh, my! This piece is brilliant! (no pun intended)