Saturday, March 7, 2009

eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat

The other day I was relating to a friend that almost anywhere I end up the first thing I have to ground myself with is something delicious to eat and then work the rest out from there. Overall, this has proven successful in most of my endeavors. Sometimes, once I find that delicious place I might just eat there twice in one trip as was the case with Cafe Presse in Seattle. Yum!

I've caught myself daydreaming about this sardine sandwich multiple times in the past couple weeks, most often times at stoplights... strange.

This beet salad was also bomb as were the oeufs plats with ham and gruyere. Both times I ate there I wished that I had ordered a crisp red wine to accompany what I was eating but both times it seemed way too early in the day for booze, even for me. Jeez Louise I want to go back there tomorrow!

The prioshkys at Piroshky, Piroshky near Pike's Place were also bomb. As I bit into my potato and cheese piroshky I thought, if I only had one word to descirbe this thing it would be supple and mean that in the best possible way.

The plastic representations of PP's delectables were pretty rad too. Doesn't it look delicious?

JJ took me and the Ol' Man to Kimchi Bistro, on Capitol Hill which is tucked in so cozy you could almost miss it and if you did you would be sad because the yam cake and the dohl soht are the other two things I've been daydreaming about lately.

Beware the infrared rays!

When the gang was all in LA for the Real Boss Hoss I convinced T and M that no trip to California could be complete without dining at a taco truck. This one was pretty dang good even if we got pupusas instead of tacos. The hypnotic powers of that dog were something else too.

Finally, back home, The Missing Link in Old Sac is one of my new favorite things! A sausage stand that doubles as an evolution pun. You can read my review of it in the new issue of Midmo. Seriously, eat there! Not only are the sausages divine but the owner is really sweet and cute.


filmnotdead said...

I really appreciate your commitment to food and finding good things to eat. It reminds me of a trip to Reno when I was looking for "good food" and made the mistake of stopping to ask a casino worker/tour guide type lady if she had any suggestions. My companion and I ended up eating probably the most bland and foul version of food I have ever tasted. I think he had pot roast and I had something called Pacific Shrimp Salad Bonanza or some such crazy name.

All this food you posted looks delicious and the photos are nice.

Liv Moe said...


yeah, asking for food advice on the road can be a dicey prospect. some times amazing, sometimes amazingly awful.