Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dimensional Bodies this Friday at the Verge

Okay, so I know I've been the non-stop Verge channel lately on this here blog but I can't help it... we've had some super good programming and I aim to keep folks in the loop.

This Friday, at The Verge Johunna Grayson and Greta Snider will be presenting Dimensional Bodies, a collection of 3D slide shows. For a much better description of the work than I can give here's Greta's own words:

Dimensional Bodies, a collaborative project of landscape gardener and photographer Johunna Grayson and filmmaker Greta Snider, is a collection of intimate and erotically charged stereoscopic slideshow portraits. Using spoken narrative and environmental soundscape to illuminate an array of subjects (including a farmer, a social worker, a veteran, an athlete and a robot-maker), the portraits focus on issues of aging, addiction, vitality, sexual identity and other concerns of the physical body. The stereoscopic aspect of the projection puts additional emphasis on the physical experience of viewing, accentuating the physiology of image processing and creating a sense of physical self-consciousness in the viewer and thus the perfect environment for experiencing the portraits. (Greta Snider)

Now here's some praise for the work to help get you even more motivated to attend:

"Not to be missed!" - Johnny Ray Houston, SF Bay Guardian

"By turning the reels into an interactive art experience, Snider and Grayson are transforming a mass-produced commercial product into a hand made object, and capturing the personal histories of regular people, not often reflected or celebrated in popular culture. Not only are the reels portraits of individuals, but they also reveal the hidden treasures and underground spaces scattered throughout San Francisco. Look for Ivy McClelland's tour of a clandestine cement garden near Candlestick Park; Bill Basquin working the dirt on a plot in his community garden; and Craig Baldwin emerging from the basement of Artists Television Access. With this latest project, Snider once again takes a potentially commercial medium and creates an intimate homemade record of peoples' personal lives." -Natalija Vekic, KQED online

Did I mention it's free? That's right.

Dimensional Bodies
Friday, March 20 7pm
Verge Gallery
1900 V Street, Sacramento

Do it!


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