Tuesday, February 17, 2009

this is a test

I don't think my blog is working


Jill said...

it looks that way to me!

Liv Moe said...

now it's working again. that was weird. earlier when i would click on my blog my name would show up and nothing else. no posts no nothing. huh

Jeff M. said...

yr factory girl post landed in my rss reader, but the page seems to be gone. Just a word about Ciao Manhattan. It is a terrible hippie movie. There's like a twenty minute sequence of A. Ginsberg chanting in the nude. But I would still recommend it. Esp. if you're at all in into the 666sixties vibe. the movie has its harrowing moments that stay with you.

Liv Moe said...

yeah, i spanked it and then thought a bit about some of my criticisms and then decided to think on it longer. i forgot about the old rss feed. ha!

my main thing was that some of the things that i disliked about the movie i later realized sorta fit into warhol's schtick. i mean as much as the olsen twins make my skin crawl they're also the modern day equivalent of nitwitted socialite excess which warhol took a distinct interest in. even guy pierce not really looking like him could have fit his amateur/gaff philosophy when it came to film making. although there is definitely a difference between lo-fi conceptual amateurism and overblown, monster budget gaffness as seen in factory girl.

oh anything can get talked to death i suppose.