Monday, February 2, 2009

Way to go losers!

It looks like the mouth breathers that choose to spray their IQ on the back of the Verge came back over the weekend. Having never worked somewhere before that is a non-stop tagging target I can now attest to how goddamn annoying it is to come to work and find graffiti everywhere. Fortunately we can get free paint from the city to cover it so we're only out the time but still... it's totally lame. If we weren't getting free paint from the city the cost would mount pretty quickly as the exterior paint we buy for the building is close to $40 a gallon. Sadly, the free paint doesn't match the building so it looks kinda shitty but atleast it covers up brilliant works by "artists" like "Imune,"- a.k.a mr. i-can't-spell-for-shit-(!) - "toke," "DGC," "Lushy," "Nuts on a Dick," "Shark," and "ther."

Did I mention we just covered the last rash of graffiti Friday? Yeah. You know one more thing before my irritation subsides... so these losers that spray their names on the sides of buildings say that they're all about art... that's fine. Good for you that you're covering an artist's complex with graffiti which it must then pay to clean up per the terms of its lease. Money that could be channeled into other ART programs for the community. Totally awesome bros!

FYI, not that any of you are reading this but if you are we have video cameras and I have your picture:)


wburg said...

Quick vigilance is the best remedy. My house is on an alley and the side door must seem like the perfect tagger canvas: when we first moved in we got a lot of tags. I check in the morning and if there's something there I paint it out RIGHT NOW, calling in late for work if I have to (I have a couple gallons of paint that do match the wall) so when they come by in the afternoon to take photos to post on their Myspace page their tag is already gone. After a few attempts, only to discover that their shot at immortality through street art has been destroyed, they seem to move on.

I also installed a big light on the alley that comes on at night: most such lights seem to do wonders to deter various creepy-crawlies, from taggers to urinators to drunken dudebros looking for spots to have a lively 3 AM debate about something. It's a CFL so it doesn't really cost much either.

Taggers are about as much about "art" as dogs pissing on things. It's about marking their territory.

Liv Moe said...

marking territory is absolutely right. it's totally lame.

i've been looking for some myspace accounts that will have this shit on them but have had little luck so far. i did find a couple flickr pages although it's harder to trace someone through a flickr page than it is through myspace.

i would love to turn over a myspace with our video footage. ah well...