Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I don't know why I paint

Tomorrow I leave for Seattle and I am stoked! I'm gonna go see Jaime Jam, and my friends D and L get married! Fun times ahead.

In the meantime I don't have the most exciting post in the world to make.

I went to the swap last Sunday after which I learned that almost every one I know also went and yet strangely I seemed to hardly run into anyone while I was there. And it was COLD! I didn't buy anything but I did snap this great pic.

This rest of my week has been a combo of rutting around in my studio, working and getting ready to leave.

These installation views of my wigs make me happy. Perhaps this is how I will show them next....

Oddly enough, the bulk of my time in the studio this week has been devoted to painting.
I seriously don't know why I paint. I'm not particularly good at it, it doesn't excite me unless I'm working on a concept like this, and it's time consuming. Never the less, about once a year or so I come up with a "valid" reason for why I should be painting. I go in guns blazing, materials in hand, lay the ground work and get about half way through the project when I realize oh yeah, this is why I don't paint.

So far this painting of my sis as a baby has had a series of fits and starts. Some days I think it's gonna be great and others days I have to restrain myself from tearing it off the wall and throwing it away. Most of the time I just keep thinking that I'm probably learning something from this even if it's not turning out the way I want it to. I suppose it's good to take a dip in uncharted waters occasionally.

I guess we'll see where the coming days takes it.

In the meantime... I'm out!

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