Monday, January 26, 2009

We're JJ Fad and we're here to talk...

So the part of my LA art weekend of which I was most looking forward also ended up being the weekend's biggest disappointed. Anyone who hit the fairs this weekend knows that I am referring to Supersonic, a fair within LA Art which features the work of unrepresented SoCal MFAs. Not only was the work disappointing over all, it was ridiculously under lit and the walls were covered with a rippling gray construction paper. WTF? I'm still not clear as to whether this work was curated or if any and all were invited or what. I went to the Supersonic website and saw no mention of a curator or selection committee. I did review the list of featured "artsists" again though to refresh my memory on the show overall. In so doing I was lead to Micha Cardenas' blog and was reminded of Becoming Dragon, the one piece in the show that was conceptually quite interesting and equally well executed. Reading Cardenas' blog then lead me to this piece on Supersonic by Marshall Astor which I found entertaining if not a bit cynical.

The weakness of Supersonic was a sentiment on most lips I encountered in LA last weekend with most folks shocked at both the quality and presentation this year. Having attended this fair I now have to agree with a colleague who suggested that good work has a hard time fighting it's way out of a bad group exhibition. Supersonic was proof positive.

Thinking all this Supersonic badness made me want some Supersonic goodness so I went in search of JJ Fad after leaving the Supersonic website. Remember when you could call 1-900 hotlines to talk to your favorite recording artist? It's such a crazy concept now. I never did it because, a. I knew that I wasn't really gonna talk to JJ Fad and b. I also knew that shit was crazy expensive and my folks would have killed me if my curiosity had ever gotten the best of me. I love how it says at the end that kids should be sure to get your parents permission before calling as though any adult would have ever considered calling those hotlines.


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