Sunday, January 25, 2009

2.25 Obamas

Abraham Obama, by Ron English
I'm too pooped to think straight as I just got back from LA about an hour ago, enough time to put down a burrito, send a few emails and get ready for bed. Though I had no intentions of making a post tonight I saw the link to the Christian Science Monitor Obama article on Heckasac and was so happy it kinda choked me up a little. Now granted, again, I am TIRED, but still the idea that we have a president who believes that science is real and sees the value in art education is almost too overwhelming to comprehend. It honestly kinda feels like a dream.

This of course errodes any joke I was considering making about Obama art fast replacing skull art at fairs. I will say though that over the course of this past weekend in the 4 major stops I made - 2 fairs, 1 studio complex, & Chinatown - I counted 9 Obama works for a 2.25 Obama per stop average. Right now, I'm feeling like the adoration is more than well deserved.

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