Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A total home run

I have been on fire in the kitchen these past four days. I think it's a result of not really eating at home for almost three weeks and needing to cook at home. It's possible that I've had good meals backing up on me. Whatever the cause I've batted it out of the park four nights in a row now which is rare for me. Usually I make a dinner or two in row that's tasty and then being emboldened by my successes I decide to get creative or inventive and then make something that's just sorta okay or not very good.

The roll began on Sunday with the onion and chard panade featured on Orangette. I've made this thing at least once a winter since I discovered it. To give you fair warning this will take awhile to prepare but it is totally worth it. So good!

The next night I finally sampled the frozen ravioli from Corti's, which I've been meaning to try for some time. In my preparation I decided to shirk the package directions which encourage you to use Corti's pasta sauce and instead made my own marinara. As I assembled my dinner ingredients I noticed that Corti's offers a selection of food items that are not just of exceptional quality but are also of exceptional packaging. The raviolis were delicious and came in a rad box sporting a super happy chef. My marinara was made with the ever so stylish 6 in 1 brand tomatoes completing the time warp I was experiencing while making dinner. What year is it? Cute!

The following night I made soyrizo and potato tacos with Mi Abeulita Bonita corn tortillas purchased from the farmer's market under the freeway in my ever growing attempt to buy as many staples as possible from local producers every month.

In keeping with that trend I also finally tried the Massa Organics brown rice at the farmer's market and it is yum! Man is it good. I've always sorta felt like brown rice was over rated. I've liked it when I've had it but it never blows my mind. This rice was good! Nutty tasting, soft, delicious. I'm hooked. Afterwards the Ol' Man and I debated the health benefits of brown vs. white rice with him asserting that there probably wasn't much difference. I won. boom!

I cooked up my rice with a modified version of Kickpleat's kung pao veggie recipe omitting the noodles and serving it over rice and adding chopped almonds instead of peanuts. This is a crappy picture but trust me when I say it was good.

Now what to make tomorrow. I wonder if my streak is done.


Skipper said...

That's not a bad picture much. I'da thought you'd put the table cloth and cock sauce on purpose.

Ol' Man Foster said...

I said, "I like white rice, and it takes 1/3 as long to cook." I admitted that it probably wasn't as good for you, but if it was good enough for the GIs in Japanese prison camps it is good enough for me. Fuck that Beri Beri noise.

Liv Moe said...

No way dude, my house is naturally photogenic. If you have any doubts just check out my front yard. Damn it(!) I wish I had a clever emoticon right now!!!