Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Please... no more

I said bring it and brung it has been.

After a ridiculously long red eye that included, spotting Danny Glover in Atlanta buying a bagel, lost luggage, nasty egg tacos at the Fort Lauderdale airport, a nap, and a solid Japanese dinner my colleague and I made it to our first few fairs of the week.

The most involved was Aqua, a fair in a motel on Collins Ave.

There were many highlights.

Bay area artist David Stein has been my favorite so far.

And many lowlights which I didn't take any photos of because it just didn't occur to me, seeing as how I am working right now and my focus should be on what I'm interested in versus what I never need to see again.

One thing I know for sure... after cruising through space after space featuring Barry McGee inspired neon geometrical work, I can take no more. It's been awhile since I've been in this large a concentration of truly contemporary commercial art and as such I hadn't realized how pervasive that aesthetic has become. Having seen a gang of that flavor of work in one night I have a sort of overwhelmed feeling like I consumed to much sugar candy.

When we returned to our hotel LP and I were going to go have a drink and dip our toes in the pool and go to bed. Or that's what we hoped for anyway. Alas and alak, when we got down to the pool area there was some hardcore celeb hob knobbing and VIP action going with no clear shot at the pool. After the river of free Campari that was flowing through Aqua I probably didn't need another cocktail anyway.

Here's to where the rest of the week takes me....

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