Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our really, really boss

I got no pics to post tonight because frankly I too damn tired. Today was a good day. Too good. So good that my feet, legs, eyes, and everything are throbbing, aching, and sore in no particular order. In review I actually can't believe everything I've seen beginning with a Chuck Close lecture to start my day, multiple art fairs, a hellish cab ride from Wynwood to South Beach, a Jerry Salz lecture on the state of the art world in today's economy later in the afternoon, and more fairs, fairs, fairs.

According to Salz the crazy market boom of the past several years created a spike in the art market which left us with a lot of crap art in an effort to meet investors needs. Now that the money is drying up Salz theorizes the market will downsize and the overall quality of the work being shown will improve. He also drew our attention to something that I hadn't really thought about before which is that in recent years when folks talk about a piece the remarks are often punctuated with the amount the work was valued at. In a perfect world that would have no bearing on the quality of the art itself. As we all hopefully know expensive doesn't necessarily mean good.

Just before Basel closed this evening, and LP and I realized we could take no more, we stumbled past Piss Christ propped against the wall in a closet in one stall and then on the way back from the bathroom encountered a 7 foot painting of our boss in another. Our really, really boss. Not some dude who looked like our boss, but our boss. We both burst into laughter at the sureallness of it all.

On that note I now need to call my husband so that I can tell him that I read Carolee Schneeman's scroll.


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