Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Miami Part IV: Douchebaggery

This is it! Make no mistake about it... my final Miami post.

It's kinda silly that it took so long but my computer has been crapped out for months making internet access a bit of an undertaking. I zipped my laptop off to Core Care today though so fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, in getting back to this my final Miami post I will lodge one of if not my most hefty criticism against the event of Basel as a whole. The pretension. Four days in South Beach for an international art fair can get pretty stifling as is best summed up by the following example.

The second morning we were in Miami it took LM and I 4 attempts to find someone that could tell us where the convention box office was. In each effort we were asking an actual convention center employee. After we finally found said box office it took 3 attempts to get a straight answer as to when it would open, again asking convention center employees every time.

Once we had a solid answer we found that we had about 40min to kill before going in enabling us to catch the following absurd interaction:

So Mr. Fashion wearing the Steve Martin-esque a la Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid number was with the fair not the convention center. The two poor shlubs with him were employed by the convention center and not the fair and were operating as his assistants. The three began finding just the perfect angle the ticket sign should be turned at in front of the box office. The plaid dude stood back at a considerable distance while his assistants angled it one way and then another and then back again. Then they would walk away and come back and turn it some more. It was so dumb I almost thought it was some sort of impromptu performance.

After about 20min of pivoting the ticket sign and feeling that it was good not great the attention shifted to the large potted plant by the line to get in. What you are looking at is a discussion about whether the plant should be allowed to stay. Hmmm, it is symmetrical with the other large potted plant but it also crowds the stantions for the ticket line and makes things look a little busy. 15min of careful discussion ended with the plant staying put. The next morning LM and I came back to discover the plant was removed after all.

Funny? Annoying? Both.

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Skipper said...

Hardly d-9ery. I'd say it was just a silly waste of time by all.