Tuesday, December 2, 2008

c ya later

I'm about to board a plane for Miami so this will be hella fast just like the last post but such is life.

Untitled; Cascade with Hands, detail, hair, hands, silk leaves, 2008

I've been doing nuthin' but work since I got home from Bend last Friday. I'm in a show at the Axis gallery this month and I wanted to make sure to deliver some new work. In addition to that we're in a full court press to get the Stephen Kaltenbach show off the ground for January at the Verge. Oh yeah, and then there's Midmo. Ug! Things will settle down soon though I can feel it. I think...

Thanksgiving was fun and a pleasant respite from all my other craziness. We scored a super cheap hotel in Bend, drank some tasty beer, and partied with about 95 dogs. JK, it was more like 6 or so. Surprisingly, the day went off with only one jailbreak and one dog fight. Not bad.

On the way home we dialed up Al Sobrante and asked where the best place to dine in Redding might be. He pointed us in the direction of Priya Indian Cuisine and it was bomb. So much so in fact that it didn't occur to me to snap a pic until I had finished my third plate of food.

I used the pot before we hit the road and found the counter part to Macau Cafe's bathroom decor. Simple, and elegant.

Okay, I'm out! Hopefully I can post from Basel. Bring it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i miss my wife!


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