Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Touch down

So this is me touching down for about a day in Sac before heading to Oregon for Thanksgiving this year which I am excited about because Bend is beautiful and they have delicious beer.

I just got back from LA which was RAD!

When Skipper and I arrived down south our hosts took us to Koraku a place that I am rapidly becoming obsessed with. Yum!

The next day we went to Philippe's French Dip. Double yum!!! I hate to use the analogy because it's so over used but that pork really was like butter.

Philippe's pickled eggs are beautiful.

We went to the Bourgieous show too which was great. It felt like visiting an old friend or someone you've known for some time but never met. As a result of studying it for so dang long all of her work is super familiar to me despite having never seen a lot of it. Getting the opportunity to see the cell work made my whole weekend. Kippenberger was great too and made me wish I hadn't spent so much time sating my culinary needs as I only had about 50 min to whirl through it. I'm hoping to go back.

Picking up a show from Another Year in LA was the occasion for the trip which gave me an opportunity to see Richard's show which I wish I had time to talk about more but again leaving for Oregon. Maybe later. In the meantime I will say to those skeptical.., take your time.

There is a reward in Richard's work.

Because Skipper and I are both crazy we powered through and went to KDVS with OMF when we got home to see Stefano again. When I got there I was like yeah, yeah, yeah, I can do this! after about an hour, however, I thought I wonder how long I can stay vertical....

On that note HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone and I am out of here!!!!


Skipper said...

Happy Dead Turkey Tag!

Skipper said...

I've been wondering. Did Sue give me bangs that morning while I was sleeping or what?

Liv Moe said...

is that a euphemism for something?!

Skipper said...

I suppose it could be. I meant it literally though because I'm rockin' some bangs in that pic outside Phillipe's.