Friday, November 7, 2008

The Official 2nd Saturday Art Crawl TM

Here's a handful of picks for this the 2nd Saturday of November in no particular order:

Tangent's holding the 15th Annual Pink Week. G Bomb, if you're reading this I'm picturing you there as I write this.
2900 Franklin Blvd @ 4th Ave

Phantom Galleries is BACK!!!!
There will be art and music and it's running all night long... all night... all night long.... all night. I don't know about any of the artists featured as this is the first month of the come back but in years past Phantom was one of my favorite things about Sacramento so check it out!!!!
Phantom takes place all up and down Del Paso Blvd.

Yours truly is in a show at the Asylum Gallery this month with Gioia Fonda, Olivia Coelho, and a gang of other folks! I got no images for this show cuz the dumb pc I'm on at work won't let me drag and drop. Just trust me in that it will be worth taking a peek at.
Asylum, 1719 25th Street

I also have work in the CCAS' Annual Art Auction. Believe me when I say that you can get some screaming deals on art at those auctions and there's a ton of work to look at so go bargain hunting!
CCAS, 1519 19th Street

Exercise in Mindfulness, 40 x 50, Acrylic on Canvas

OMF told me that the John Yoyogi Fortes show at Skinner/Howard is fantastic. I want to try to make it there tomorrow night but it's already looking like I have a full dance card so I will probably be stopping by there next week.
Skinner/Howard, 723 S Street

From the room full of No Names, Elizabeth Higgins O'Connor

Elizabeth Higgins O'Connor is showing at BLOCK Downtown art this weekend. Elizabeth was a grad at Davis when I was an undergrad and I remember her MFA show as one of the stand out things I saw while I was in school. Her work is delightfully dark and playful.
BLOCK, 1020 10th Street

Untitled, Eiko Sugi

Finally, The Verge is hosting fig. 4, an exploration of all things figurative. Every artist in this show is great so where to begin? You can start by readin Victoria's lovely write up of the show in this weeks ticket section.
The Verge, 1900 V Street


Anonymous said...

Oh that's awesome. is it pink week? I am wearing pink! Also my friend Jen is showing at Coffee Garden, so I'll be around there anyway. I wonder if this will the night I try Pangea.


Liv Moe said...

That's a good question. Ianna? Gioia? If you read this will you post the official dates of the week itself?

Anonymous said...

I've got it, it's Nov 8 - the 15th. Stop everything and think of pink right now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liv,

Thank you for mentioning the auction at CCAS! Your piece looks great!

Best wishes, M.