Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Touch down

So this is me touching down for about a day in Sac before heading to Oregon for Thanksgiving this year which I am excited about because Bend is beautiful and they have delicious beer.

I just got back from LA which was RAD!

When Skipper and I arrived down south our hosts took us to Koraku a place that I am rapidly becoming obsessed with. Yum!

The next day we went to Philippe's French Dip. Double yum!!! I hate to use the analogy because it's so over used but that pork really was like butter.

Philippe's pickled eggs are beautiful.

We went to the Bourgieous show too which was great. It felt like visiting an old friend or someone you've known for some time but never met. As a result of studying it for so dang long all of her work is super familiar to me despite having never seen a lot of it. Getting the opportunity to see the cell work made my whole weekend. Kippenberger was great too and made me wish I hadn't spent so much time sating my culinary needs as I only had about 50 min to whirl through it. I'm hoping to go back.

Picking up a show from Another Year in LA was the occasion for the trip which gave me an opportunity to see Richard's show which I wish I had time to talk about more but again leaving for Oregon. Maybe later. In the meantime I will say to those skeptical.., take your time.

There is a reward in Richard's work.

Because Skipper and I are both crazy we powered through and went to KDVS with OMF when we got home to see Stefano again. When I got there I was like yeah, yeah, yeah, I can do this! after about an hour, however, I thought I wonder how long I can stay vertical....

On that note HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone and I am out of here!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beware the Kraken

I still have a gremlin living in my lungs and as a result my brain's not working so hot:( So far I have one finished piece for my December show which is making me nervous as all get out. To make matters worse - or better depending on how you look at it - I'm only gonna be home for a total of like 5 days in the next 2 1/2 weeks. I'm looking forward to every trip I have lined up, I just hope I feel better by the time I board a plane for LA Sat night. When it rains it pours.

In the meantime... my friend Stefano is in the states(!!!!!!) as part of the A.H. Kraken entourage! The Kraken is playing at the Firehouse in Davis tonight with the Mayyors and AIDS Wolf.

Apparently, my illness hasn't effect my liberal application of exclamation marks any.

So excited!!!

MKS + "fake" blood in Tacoma

Photo by OMF

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Steve Lambert in the news... the really, really, news

Apparently, fellow Aggie and artist Steve Lambert was behind the New York Times hoax that took place last week where 1.2 million copies of a fake edition of the NY Times were passed out around the city proclaiming the immediate end of the Iraq war. In addition to the war story, there was also a piece about nationalized healthcare, as well as the implementation of a standardized "maximum wage." Accompanying the paper edition was a web edition natch. Here's a link which may or may not still exist by the time you read this.

Bravo Mr. Lambert, bravo!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dirty thirty

I feel like I'm never gonna post again....

I was supposed to be in LA today for work but the fires kept me home which in the end was good because I woke up with a cold this morning.

Even though I'm posting I don't feel like I have anything terribly coherent to say except that today is Skipper's dirty thirty! So dirty!

Last Friday we had an early celebration where he cooked us all kinds of killer food as is his way. The most intriguing of the entrees served was sauerbraten or pickled beef to us Americans. It was good. Odd smelling and super tender. There was also home made pita bread which was fantastic along with an assortment of tapa type snacks. Wunderbar!

Before going home I snapped a pic of this weirdo little doll thing in the living room that was bothering lil' red.

We also at some point in the evening decided to challenge each other at push ups. Perhaps if Skippo is any kinda man he'll post these pics on his picasa site.

In the meantime I shall now go rest and try to rally to get some work done for my December show at Axis...

Happy Birthday Skipper!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Official 2nd Saturday Art Crawl TM

Here's a handful of picks for this the 2nd Saturday of November in no particular order:

Tangent's holding the 15th Annual Pink Week. G Bomb, if you're reading this I'm picturing you there as I write this.
2900 Franklin Blvd @ 4th Ave

Phantom Galleries is BACK!!!!
There will be art and music and it's running all night long... all night... all night long.... all night. I don't know about any of the artists featured as this is the first month of the come back but in years past Phantom was one of my favorite things about Sacramento so check it out!!!!
Phantom takes place all up and down Del Paso Blvd.

Yours truly is in a show at the Asylum Gallery this month with Gioia Fonda, Olivia Coelho, and a gang of other folks! I got no images for this show cuz the dumb pc I'm on at work won't let me drag and drop. Just trust me in that it will be worth taking a peek at.
Asylum, 1719 25th Street

I also have work in the CCAS' Annual Art Auction. Believe me when I say that you can get some screaming deals on art at those auctions and there's a ton of work to look at so go bargain hunting!
CCAS, 1519 19th Street

Exercise in Mindfulness, 40 x 50, Acrylic on Canvas

OMF told me that the John Yoyogi Fortes show at Skinner/Howard is fantastic. I want to try to make it there tomorrow night but it's already looking like I have a full dance card so I will probably be stopping by there next week.
Skinner/Howard, 723 S Street

From the room full of No Names, Elizabeth Higgins O'Connor

Elizabeth Higgins O'Connor is showing at BLOCK Downtown art this weekend. Elizabeth was a grad at Davis when I was an undergrad and I remember her MFA show as one of the stand out things I saw while I was in school. Her work is delightfully dark and playful.
BLOCK, 1020 10th Street

Untitled, Eiko Sugi

Finally, The Verge is hosting fig. 4, an exploration of all things figurative. Every artist in this show is great so where to begin? You can start by readin Victoria's lovely write up of the show in this weeks ticket section.
The Verge, 1900 V Street

Thursday, November 6, 2008

no on h8

The sad outcome of the prop 8 battle has left many feeling conflicted about the recent election. While I am stoked to be putting the Bush era behind us and am gald that farm animals will now be able to stand up and turn around I am deeply, deeply, saddened that the majority of CA voters chose to oppose the rights of their fellow citizens. This decision is unfortunate, discriminatory, and shameful.

That said there is a protest this evening on the steps of the state capital at 7pm. Please, come out and show your support!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Talking Centralia

Good lord am I hung over today. Last night while surrounded by friends, family, and out of town guests who were all teary eyed - myself included - at the news that Barack Obama would be our next president I decided to plunge headlong into drunkedness. I have the headache today to prove it. That undying, low-grade throbbing type of headache. Good times, none the less. I must say I totally got what I wanted last night which was to be surrounded by friends and strangers as the nation receives the best news it's had in eight years. Now on a local and state level I have some different opinions but that's a subject for another day. In the meantime I can hope that the numbnuts that got elected mayor will be indicted before he takes office... a girl can dream.

Anyhoo, my distraction regarding all things political in combination with playing catch up from my recent trip north has left me postless for the past few days. I've been itching to post about my rad trip to Seattle since Monday. It was truly one of the best vacations I've taken in years. So restful.

I scored some great books in Portland on the way up one of which I've been looking for, for the past six months. When I found it I was in search of another book that Powell's claimed to have in stock but it wasn't on the shelf where it was supposed to be which is kinda the problem with Powell's. The place is so flippin' huge that when something gets misshelved you're toast and thus my quest for Bourriaud continues...

Between Portland and Seattle we stopped in my new favorite small town....

beautiful Centralia, home of the styrofoam house:

In addition to foam there were various other elements incorporated into the mix like marquee letters...

and yoyos. I bet his neighbors love him! I would.

Before leaving Centralia our fiend LC up in Seattle directed us to the COUNTRY COUSIN the most delicious country diner on earth! If you find yourself heading to Seattle up the 5, do yourself a favor and hit this place no matter what. It is tasty, tasty, tasty. They make a sizable chunk of the menu items from scratch and they're all fantastic.

Queen Elizabeth greets you as you enter the parking lot. Helloooooo!

This photo speaks for itself.

Of the items sampled I think the country fried steak and the pot roast sandwich were the stars of the show. Don't get bamboozled by the yak burger though. It sounds kinda flashy and exotic but in actuality it's a drier blander version of a regular burger.

Sadly, the Sonics weren't as good as the Country Cousin. A year on the road has enabled them to shake the bugs out of their repertoire and punch things up a bit. There was a lot of lil' Steven... a lot. And a Warren Zevon cover that I could have done without. At the end when they were "rockin'" it with two drummers, lil' Steven and a bunch of noodly guitar solos I found myself thinking "less is more." The pre show party in the hotel across the street was pretty fun though as were MD's delightful brew offerings.

DH and the O'l Man got interviewed for a Sonics documentary which was pretty amusing too.

The next day Jaime and I cold kicked it in Seattle and it was too sweet!

World's Best Grandma! Check out the crocs!

Obama mania!!!

JC took me by this building that's slated for demolition and is currently an installation space. My jury is out on this piece as I seem to have a hard time distinguishing between quality and humor in some instances. Overall much of the work in the windows was just okay. Although, some of it wasn't translating super well with natural daylight streaming through.

That night we went to a Suspicions/Coconut Coolouts show in a garage in some ass part of Seattle that we got totally lost finding even with a Seattle native in the car.

The show was funny as shit.

At one point Mr. Lucas got up and did the Witch with the Coolout gang and I dare say it was better than the version we had heard the night before.

This, however, may have been the highlight of my night. So cute!

The house the show was at was pretty funny. There was this full bar that was designed to operate on a suggested donation basis which lasted for about an hour before people just started grabbing whole bottles for themselves. In the yard in front of the garage was a porta potty that left the surrounding area smelling like a slaughterhouse. At one point this woman was asking around for a cel phone so that she could see inside it to take a piss. She opened the phone took one step inside, gagged, stepped out, returned the phone to it's owner, and then went and peed in the bushes. As I understand it the thing hadn't been service since a pre Burning Man send off. Pew!

Finally as we drifted off to sleep that night we dreamt of what we would order at the Country Cousin the next morning on our way home.

Best trip ever!!!