Wednesday, October 8, 2008

haulin' ass!

Yesterday morning I had one of those story of my life moments. The night before I suggested to OMF that I would be getting up the next morning and borrowing my pop's truck to move my stuff to my solo show. OMF wisely asked if I had arranged this with my dad already to which I said no but since he was in possession of a brand new pick up I was sure it would be no problem. Well the next morning I awoke to discover that my dad's hood had begun making a mysterious rattling noise and subsequently needed to be in the shop ALL DAY LONG. Serves me right.

After the let down I gave it some thought and realized that nothing I was hauling was all that tall and that my truck with the camper would actually probably work fine. That was until I went outside and discovered this:

And so I proceeded to haul a few thousand mags out of the truck, drove to west sac, packed up half of my show, drove to the Brickhouse and made my first drop, went to my studio picked up the next piece, drove it to the BH, dropped off the Ol' Man, went to my photo guy where I discovered that two of the photos for my show printed comedically small and would be unusable, went to University Art for a paint pen, went to Bows to drop off the piece for the Obama fundraiser, went home and wolfed down a sandwich and picked up a replacement photo for the one that was too small, went back to my studio to pick up two more images, and then settled at the BH until 6pm where I unpackaged, and installed work with the help of Dave Dave. Did ya' follow all that?

The blank slate moment before a show goes up is always a little nerve wracking. Sorta neat in a way but nerve wracking and angst ridden. So, so angst ridden.

I knocked myself out yesterday! In part due to my own poor planning but still, it's rare for me to get a show completely installed in one day let alone everything else I did in addition to just hanging and lighting the work. Fortunately, I had a lot of amazing helpers without whom none of this would have been even remotely possible. Big thanks to OMF and DD!!!!!

Moving right along, in addition to my solo show at the BH and the Obama fundraiser I am also in a show at the Asylum with some of the region's best and brightest emerging artists. The show is simply titled Emerging Artists. Unfortunately, I don't have my card for it handy but here are some of the details I gleaned from Asylum's press release for it:

In addition to myself the artists include... Margaret Lord of San Rafael who will be exhibiting a tribute to Polaroid transfers, Matthew Pappas of Rocklin who will show pencil on paper work, Gioia Fonda of Sacramento, Olivia Coelho of Sacramento, Ashley Smith of Roseville and David Johnson of Placerville.

As a funny aside I tried to google a bunch of these folks to find some images to help plug the show. I didn't come up with a whole lot but did discover that Gioia Fonda is a rock solid Scrabble champeen! Ah, the things google can teach us.

Finally when dropping off my work at Bows I discovered Richard's handiwork for the show.



Richard St.Ofle said...

thank you!
thank you!

it was soo good to have you in the show, Liv
it went super well, and hopefully the show made a difference.

Liv Moe said...

thank you richard!