Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm so out of here!

I'm leaving for Seattle tomorrow and won't be back 'til Sunday. In the meantime here's some pics from Russell's 50th Burpday at Budget Rock last week.

In reviewing these pics it looks like MD had the upper hand on the cake mashing. Good times!

Don't forget next week's election night party!


Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm lookin' to blow the doors off!

Man did this illustration give me a hearty belly laugh this morning. How many girls get to witness a rendition of their husband's face carved in stone in their life times? Probably not many...

So yeah, next week, November 4th election night party at the Press. Th' Streaks play at 10pm unless it's looking like the election is gonna get called early in which case they'll play sooner. I advised the Ol' Man to get a DJ because if Obama wins my apetite for celebration shan't be sated until the wee hours.

If you need another reason to come out there'll be yummy snacks.

Seriously, who can resist snacks?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

No seriously, I need your help...

before I smash this stupid piece of s*%$ with the hammer you see before you.

Okay, so this is what it takes to charge my laptop right now. Yes that is a piece of petrified wood. I was using a flip flop before but the magic touch ran out on that two weeks ago so now it's this. Dumb I know.

I'm working on getting a new laptop soon but in the meantime does anyone out there have any tips on someone who might be able to fix my power outlet? I took it to the genius bar - grrr - and they quoted me a price of $300 dollars and several days without a computer to get it fixed. I guess the outlet is wired into a fairly important/sensitive part of the computer so it takes some work to repair.

Currently, I'm getting up at oh-dark-thirty and using the Ol' Man's computer for MM biz but that's starting to take it's toll on me. Although, if I found someone reliable and affordable to fix it, being without a computer for a week or two would be no big.

In reality this thing is 3 1/2 years old so it's kind of a dinosaur as laptops go and I'll need to replace it soon anyway.

I suppose the real question is whether fixing it is worth it in the first place...

Stupid computers.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Giggles" gets noticed

Giggles got two lovely mentions in the local press in the last week. First in Submerge with a one page Q&A by Catharine Foss and then yesterday with a two pager by Victoria Dalkey in the Bee.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I wanna know where the gold's at

Tonight Der Skipper and I had a beer and watched the debate at Dad's Kitchen. Best debate watchin' evs!

Is it just me or does John McCain get sorta leprechaun-e looking sometimes? If only he would fix the economy by just telling us where his gold's at!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I been sleepin'

Jeez! I've mostly done nothing but sleep for the past two days. Sunday I think I was awake for a total of 5 hours. Monday I was peppier but not by much. Fortunately, yesterday was Columbus day so nuthin' was really open. Last night in an attempt to keep each other on our collective toes the Ol' Man and I accidentally swapped phones and then spent a good hour driving to the few places I visited yesterday in the hopes that I had left it somewhere before coming home to find it safely resting his car. Wah, wah.

Anyhoo, in an attempt to cheer up the Ol' Man and myself after the weekend's bummer news I've been watching cats flush toilets over and over again.

Comedy gold people!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


In 2004 after traveling around Europe alone for close to two months I found myself in Paris in the company of Nikola Acin.

My first night in Paris Nikola greeted me with a warm bath and unlimited use of his bathroom and toiletries. I didn't realize until I got in the the tub how much I needed the respite of a private bathroom and a hot bath after weeks of dragging my sorry self through a string of random hostels. While I soaked Nikola worked and drank tea. It was sorta funny, as though we had been friends for a long time despite having just met.

After I spent close to an hour in the bathroom listening to the Beach Boys and soaking, we went to a fondue restaurant downstairs from N's pad off the Faubourg. Strangely, neither of us ordered the house speciality. At this particular restaurant whenever the fondue was ordered the waiter would put on a bright orange wig and a cape sort of deal when he served it to you. I never did find out what that was about. After dinner we sat around finishing our bottle of wine and watched orange hair dude flit from table to table dosing our fellow diners with fondue.

In the days that followed I bumped around Paris with Nikola and at times his friend "action" Dan, browsing book stores, riding buses, and sitting at cafes. Being on a bus with Nikola was like hiring your own private tour guide as his knowledge of Parisian history and culture was amazing.

On our last night together, Nikola took me to a photo shoot that some friends of his were involved with. The subject of the shoot was men crying and while N and I sat around drinking beers a trickle of fashionably dressed, attractive young fellows with big sloppy tears in their eyes shuffled around us. It was fairly surreal. Following the shoot we went back to his place and stayed up late listening to Moon Mulligan and talking about art, music, our respective lives, Old Man Foster - who was the link that led me to meet NA in the first place, and his girlfriend at the time.

The next day he was going to interview a certain well know hip hop group for the French publication Rock and Folk and invited me to accompany him. I'm not sure why I declined. Instead I wandered around the city alone and caught up on my journaling at a cafe near his house. The next morning my ma and sis came to join me and we traveled on to London together. I spoke with Nikola via phone a few more times on my trip before coming home but didn't end up visiting him again.

Friday night after returning home from a fundraiser the Ol' Man informed me that he had just received the news that Nikola had passed away back in May at the age of 34. I suppose it's taken a day or two to sink in the way it can when you learn that someone very far away dies. It just doesn't seem real.

I feel fortunate to have known Nikola. He was a charming, sincere, and intelligent soul, a talented writer, thinker, and musician.

He will be missed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Okay. I realized that this afternoon will probably be my last free moment in front of a computer this week so here it is:

a solo show by yours truly
October 11-31
@ The Brickhouse
2nd Sat reception from 6-10pm

c u there....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

haulin' ass!

Yesterday morning I had one of those story of my life moments. The night before I suggested to OMF that I would be getting up the next morning and borrowing my pop's truck to move my stuff to my solo show. OMF wisely asked if I had arranged this with my dad already to which I said no but since he was in possession of a brand new pick up I was sure it would be no problem. Well the next morning I awoke to discover that my dad's hood had begun making a mysterious rattling noise and subsequently needed to be in the shop ALL DAY LONG. Serves me right.

After the let down I gave it some thought and realized that nothing I was hauling was all that tall and that my truck with the camper would actually probably work fine. That was until I went outside and discovered this:

And so I proceeded to haul a few thousand mags out of the truck, drove to west sac, packed up half of my show, drove to the Brickhouse and made my first drop, went to my studio picked up the next piece, drove it to the BH, dropped off the Ol' Man, went to my photo guy where I discovered that two of the photos for my show printed comedically small and would be unusable, went to University Art for a paint pen, went to Bows to drop off the piece for the Obama fundraiser, went home and wolfed down a sandwich and picked up a replacement photo for the one that was too small, went back to my studio to pick up two more images, and then settled at the BH until 6pm where I unpackaged, and installed work with the help of Dave Dave. Did ya' follow all that?

The blank slate moment before a show goes up is always a little nerve wracking. Sorta neat in a way but nerve wracking and angst ridden. So, so angst ridden.

I knocked myself out yesterday! In part due to my own poor planning but still, it's rare for me to get a show completely installed in one day let alone everything else I did in addition to just hanging and lighting the work. Fortunately, I had a lot of amazing helpers without whom none of this would have been even remotely possible. Big thanks to OMF and DD!!!!!

Moving right along, in addition to my solo show at the BH and the Obama fundraiser I am also in a show at the Asylum with some of the region's best and brightest emerging artists. The show is simply titled Emerging Artists. Unfortunately, I don't have my card for it handy but here are some of the details I gleaned from Asylum's press release for it:

In addition to myself the artists include... Margaret Lord of San Rafael who will be exhibiting a tribute to Polaroid transfers, Matthew Pappas of Rocklin who will show pencil on paper work, Gioia Fonda of Sacramento, Olivia Coelho of Sacramento, Ashley Smith of Roseville and David Johnson of Placerville.

As a funny aside I tried to google a bunch of these folks to find some images to help plug the show. I didn't come up with a whole lot but did discover that Gioia Fonda is a rock solid Scrabble champeen! Ah, the things google can teach us.

Finally when dropping off my work at Bows I discovered Richard's handiwork for the show.


Monday, October 6, 2008

1974's most hilarious & wildest movie is here!

This weekend was nutballs beginning with the unbelievable modaSPIA trunk sale that I went to Saturday morning. I got a whole new handmade work wardrobe for crazy prices. Ursula's creations are absolutely beautiful and I feel super lucky to have scored some new duds just as I was getting a little antsy about wearing jeans to meetings all the time.

Saturday night we went to a great party in Roseville and got to visit out of town friends. One of the highlights of my evening came when Keith Carey told OMF, "you got a lotta margin in your life" to resounding laughter. Keith doesn't know the half of it:)

Interspersed throughout the weekend I've been doing battle with the last loose ends necessary for my shows. Despite a hangover and the pitter patter of ratsteps above my little head I got about 4 1/2 hours in at my studio on Sunday. I was feeling pretty bold until about 5:45 when I looked up and realized that rats are why the metal insulation is drooping in some areas in the ceiling above me. It was about that point when I decided to throw in the towel and go home.

To close this rollercoaster of a weekend the Ol'Man and I made a pizza with heirloom tomatoes from the market and watched one of the greatest films of all time... THE GROOVE TUBE!! Ah, low brow humor, how I love you so!

Yes We Can

I am in a gang of shows this weekend - i.e. 3 - including my solo show at the Brickhouse which I am getting more excited about and less nervous about everyday. I'm gonna trickle my show notices out over the course of the week starting with Yes We Can! a Call to Artists, organized by Richard St.Ofle which will be taking place at Bows and Arrows. I'm gonna price my shit cheap to move in the hopes of raising some sweet moola. There's a heap of great people participating so come out and show your support!