Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trust me on this one

I think this is starting to go somewhere. Where I don't know, but I do know that the blanket is essential. I have a couple of ideas that I'm working out for the resolution... If they don't work then I still have enough work for the show but it would be really sweet if it worked. Ug! I f&*%ing HATE coming up on a big show with an unfinished piece. It's something I try to avoid at all costs. This is actually the second time in my whole life that I've found myself in this situation. The first was when a curator selected an unfinished work with the confidence that I would figure it out, which I fortunately did, and now this time. I guess I just though it would be an easier fix. I think I underestimated how discombobulating the past few months have been.

Part of my predicament as well could be the fact that I've been spending my days around contractors, the general public, and other folks who walk by me while I'm making work and just scratch their heads and nod. Normally I have a tremendous amount of conviction in my work and am usually focused enough that this doesn't hang me up although usually my studio is a pretty private affair. Mind you I'm not complaining. Seriously! I think it's just a new thing to adapt to and possibly not entirely bad although it does lead me again and again to a conversation where I just say, "and why is this 'interesting' and not just a pile of garbage?"

Then there are shots of the piece like this one that just make my day.

Fingers crossed....

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