Wednesday, September 10, 2008

She's a brick.... yaaaaard!

I stumbled upon this while looking through the Bee's recent art coverage. My mention is a little odd especially considering the fact that they referred to the Brickhouse at the Brickyard.

"From "Giggles," a show of new work by up-and-comer artist Liv Moe at the Brickyard, to B Street Theatre's harrowing and funny drama "The Seafarer," the fall season promises to be provocative, unconventional and – most of all – entertaining." - Rita Blomster, entertainment editor



wburg said...

a show of your work at the indianapolis 500 would be fairly rad.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being "one to watch!"

Also you will be pleased to know that the NPR coverage of Fargo and Johnson's stances on Natomas has sent me scurrying into Heather Fargo's poor people hating arms. I was going to write in Muriel Strand, but I can't risk it, his attitude towards Natomas is extra stupid.