Sunday, September 21, 2008

Episode II, Tasty snacks

This summer was the summer of grub.

So many tasty lunches.... I learned how to braise potatoes this summer and have not eaten them any other way for a little over a month. So easy! Skipp-o re-introduced me to thuringer too. I forgot how tasty that stuff is.

I finally got down with that Cooks Illustrated pie dough recipe. It really is fool proof. What you're looking at is a peach pluot pie that was soooooooo good. The Wustoff pie knife Skip bought me for my birthday like two years ago made it's maiden voyage on this pie. It seemed fitting. As we head into fall I've been thinking of all the tasty things I could wrap in pie crust. I'm thinking about revisiting the hand pie with mushrooms and maybe a winter squash...

Lastly, this summer I was introduced to North Valley goat cheese and Dakota Prairie wine in the same evening. The cheese is fantastic! The wine on the other hand.... huh. When I learned that Fargo had decided to toss it's hat into the ring as one of our nation's latest wine producers I was a bit skeptical. The literature that accompanied the wine came with a few images of Fargo's red hat society, which I still haven't made the connection on. Perhaps they're just big fans. Either way the Cab/Merlot blend was not unlike the wine equivalent of cough syrup. I supposed I could have pretended it was port as the alcohol content was quite high and the shit was sweet(!). I wonder... is there such a thing as ironic wine drinking?

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