Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Episode I, The Midnight Mass

Well that's it I suppose. Labor day has passed. Today was the last day I am going to make it to the Southside Pool for the season before they close Friday and my October show is fast approaching. Summer is over!

During the past few months I've taken scads of pics and been way to busy to post 'em so I figure I'll start shooting some of my favorites up as I get time in the next couple weeks. For batch one I'm throwing up the Midnight Mass, an event I swore I would never attend again after my first go round but then I was faced with the rare opportunity at down time with the old man and like a sucker I took it. In fairness this year's event didn't seem like the knuckle-dragger convention that it was the previous year although I did sample more than a few Budweisers so who am I to say? Anyhoo, without further ado...

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