Sunday, August 17, 2008

WWBFD-What would bigfoot do?

Ug! Despite all of the yelp craziness that's transpired in recent days it was not until this evening that I wished I could comment on someone's idiotic review. Whilst looking at MM's latest addition I noticed that NPR's star rating had gone down a full star and a half. Upon investigation I discovered that this was thanks to Tom F.'s insightful and well thought observation that NPR doesn't focus enough attention on local news and just wants to talk about the middle east all the time. Hmmmm, ya think it might be because there's a lot to report on over there, or do you suppose it's just a superficial preoccupation? Ya dope. I swear. If Tom were still listening to NPR he'd probably be pretty sick of all this Georgia/Russia coverage right about now. Super power, shmuper power right TF?

Granted last night OMF apparently made a tongue in cheek comment to RC that he could no longer follow the civil unrest in the "other" Georgia when the US has real news breaking in our Georgia. Bigfoot news, duh. OMF has also suggested that he would be more interested in the Olympics if bigfoot were competing and if he were in fact competing Bigfoot would win more gold medals than Michael Phelps.

On a lighter note I just made Kickpleat's banana bread recipe which was yumza! I added chocolate chips to mine making it... AWESOME!

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