Monday, August 25, 2008

Into the abyss

I had an interesting chat with Renny Pritikin, who is the director of the Nelson Gallery when I went to shoot my show last week mere hours before it closed. He mentioned that often times artists have this misconception that when they leave art school they'll find themselves facing all of this resistance. In reality, once the program is finished most of us find ourselves facing a vast nothing, no resistance at all. No one looking to criticize or challenge, in fact depending on the community, folks may not even be looking at all.

As I approached the end of my masters, I experienced a feeling similar to the one I felt after completing my undergrad degree. In the months leading up to the final curtain I felt anxious and uncertain, dreading the pending job world, and the exit from a life surrounded by individuals making and talking about art.

Since returning my keys, however, I found that each day feels a little lighter than the last. Now I just concentrate on my work. No weird academic drama, or the usual gossip that exists to one degree or another in most college art programs. No push pull with professors who may or may not have any clear idea as to what you are after or pure motives in the criticism they offer up. Nope, right now, it's just me, a giant unfinished studio, masses of tangled synthetic hair, a pile of tchotchkes, and 6 shows to prepare for by X-Mas.

In the meantime here's some pics from my recent move...

Good bye door. As I write this I'm realizing that I think I left that teddy bear card behind. rats!

Giggles looks like it's wearing a giant condom in this photo. I'll let you decide which one's called Giggles.

This little tableaux was 2 sweet.


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