Friday, August 8, 2008

New art crush

A few times a year I stumble upon someone whose work or writings reaffirm my feelings about art and encourage me to continue my pursuit knowing that I am in good company. In recent years such individuals have included Tim Hawkinson, Francis Alys, John Dewey, Fatimah Tuggar, Nietzsche, Paddy Johnson at AFC, and the wonderful Interference show I saw at Eyebeam last year. On a local level I have recently been quite inspired by Dr. Elaine O'Brien at Hornet Tech and Mr. Richard Haley.

This morning I have been getting reacquainted with my latest art crush, Nicolas Bourriaud author of "Relational Aesthetics." So dreamy... next week I'm taking part in a discussion of his work which was originally published in 1992. By then I will have digested enough of it to discuss it like a rational human being. In the meantime here's a snippet I found particularly enjoyable this morning:

1. General term describing a set of objects presented as a part of a narrative known as art history. This narrative draws up the critical genealogy and discusses the issues raised by these objects, by way of three sub-sets: painting, sculpture, architecture.
2. Nowadays, the word "art" seems to be no more than a semantic leftover of this narrative, whose more accurate definition would read as follows: Art is an activity consisting in producing relationships with the world with the help of signs, forms, actions and objects.


Blue Shepherd, Digital print, 36”x27”, 2008
Speaking of producing relationships, I'm in two shows tomorrow night should you want to brave the crowds. I'll be at the Axis Gallery on 19th and P streets as well as Design Within Reach at 16th and J. I'm in great company at both so come out!!!

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