Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm in the passionate throws of moving today. So fun! Although at this point I'm in striking distance of being finished. Widows have been abated, work has been sealed in smokey white visqueen, and projects have been sorted and assigned to their proper destinations.

In the meantime my review of Ju Hachi ran in the Capitol Weekly this week. I was slow to mention it I know. My review includes a shout out to Wakano Ura. Still heart broken.

While I'm out toiling in the noon day sun check out STV's latest claim to fame or defame as the case maybe. I wasted many a long moment on it last night. His piece about American Apparel is pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

what's up with the dog? who is STV?


Liv Moe said...

the dog is HedKayce. STV is Stu.