Saturday, August 2, 2008

Livin' the wiggle

Today was a pretty good day. Maybe not a great day but it's certainly puttin' me back on top after a long week of bummer town BS.

The new issue of MM came out this morning and after a minor fluff up about delivery times the mag was delivered around noon. This month perhaps for the first time ever if not simply the first time in a long time we had only a small sliver of the route on OMF's and I's plate, as our business partner has hired someone to help us out. Hazaa and kudos to Brian Fischer!

When we were stocking the 21st and Broadway area I was approached by this guy on a bike mumbling stuff and at first I thought oh boy here we go, remembering my little incident from the other day. Instead when he got up to me he enthusiastically said, "hey! is that the new Midtown Monthly?!??!?!" To which I of course said "yes!" He then showered the publication with praise and said he anxiously awaits each months issue. YEAH!!!! Totally stoked! I gave him 2 copies which he stuck in his bike basket and then off he went.

After finishing our small Land Park route today and having a short meeting with our new ad sales person OMF and I ventured to a place we've long been wanting to try.

China Buffet! Featuring "American, Japanese, Italian, Chinese-style and Mongolian BBQ."

I began with hot n' sour soup which was both hot and sour and bomb(!), a green dinner salad with ranch dressing, and three kinds of sushi all of which were fresh tasting and delicious.

This was followed by potstickers, two kinds of shrimp, a tiny little pie, and spicy chicken.

And then I decided on one more trip through the buffet as opposed to dessert getting yet a another variety of shrimp, more sushi, and french fries. Delicious!

Of the many culinary delights on offer I decided against the Mongolian BBQ which sorta looked like cross contamination city. Despite the fact that I normally don't care for buffets and I can feel my insides being preserved by the copious amounts of salt and MSG I've probably ingested tonight, it was still a %100 quality experience. Overall the place is super clean, the service is friendly, and the ambience gets extra stars for the waterfall that greets you when you walk in the door and the bow tied wait staff (ladies and men).

Post meal we were served fortune cookies which filled the void left by my abstention from their dessert area. My fortune was so-so and the cookie was stale but OMF's was great:

"Life is not a struggle, it's a wiggle."

uh, yuh.


abbagirl said...

all my asian-americans call china buffet probably one of the best asian foods buffet in town. i'm glad you got a chance to finally try it!!

me, i kinda like this one place near my house called panda buffet
. but when i tell my friends or fam that, they look at me is if i'm the most wretched thing in the world.

i can't help what i like!!

but yeah, these two buffets rock. :)

Anonymous said...

You'll be sad to know that Good Eats has just offered China Buffet's landlors twice what they were paying.


Skipper said...

wocka wocka anonymous.

Skipper said...

hoppla! didn't notice the slash(-) miller there. But still...wocka wocka.