Sunday, August 3, 2008

groin-grabbingly transcendent

Man! I decided to look at the yelps on China Buffet and most of them are pretty standard, although a bit all over the map - the one by msg guy was assish natch - but this one by Eric B. made me laugh out loud:

"I have been here on three separate occasions and never been disappointed, hence 3.5 stars... It's a buffet. That does not mean that it sucks, but it is not exactly groin-grabbingly transcendent either.

I enjoyed the duck and the crab legs very much the last time, and I was impressed that they serve some of the more unusual items as well as the standard fried rice/sweet&sour/fried shrimp/chow mein white folks Chinese food, e.g. fried chicken feet, tripe and a decent variety of dumplings.

Add to this mix that beer is exeptionally reasonable by restaurant standards, and China Buffet is a winner! If you don't know what you want to eat, you can find something here, even if it is cobettes of corn floating in white water, or french fries and chicken nuggets for your cranky children!!

Beware of trying to park in their weird lot, though. People just can't seem to get the hang of it - bizarre really."


smitty said...

They don't have much of a parking lot. They use Tower's lot, but Tower Cafe towed cars when I worked at the theatre. I don't think the guy who bought the place realized that he didn't have much of a parking lot. It was something like 22 spots.

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