Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good times

Yesterday was quite a day. I went to the Agent Ribbons, Daisy Spot, Art Lessing and the Flower Vato show the night before which left me with a teensy little hangover which was well worth it because the show was so amazing. It was such a super tight line-up! Watching Art Lessing and the Flower Vato reminded me what a talented mofo Dan is. When he and I were in art school together he made the most mesmerizing kinetic installation I've ever experienced. I wish I could remember what all it consisted of... I know that a warped drum cymbal and a fan were involved. It was so great! I could just sit and watch it until I lost track of time.

Anyhoo, after shaking off that pesky hangover, getting some laps in, and having lunch I headed to West Sac to continue the widow abatement and blew a tire in the middle lane of 80 DIRECTLY above the river just before the Jefferson exit. Oof! No fun. Things I learned while standing up there with my sis' trying to figure out a competent plan of attack included:

Surprise at how much an overpass shakes while you're standing on it.

There is a lot of dust on the shoulder that fills up your shoes if you stand there long enough from the draft kicked up by passing semis.

That there are a large number of dickheads that want to hoot at and razz you when you're stranded on the side of the highway. (Especially when they're sporting sideways ball caps and no shirt.)

My truck handles a blow out super well. The noise was mostly what tipped me off to what happened. The truck didn't veer and the ride was only slightly bumpier that normal. Yah! Toyota Tacoma!

You can drive on a shredded tire at 20mph to get yourself off the freeway.

The tires on both of OMF's and I's vehicles are shot.

Ah, good times.

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