Friday, July 11, 2008

Way toooooooo much to do:(

Oof! This weekend is gonna be a handful!

Here's what I'm gonna do, y'all can do whatever:

6pm I'm hitting Watch Over Me at Tangent an installation by Nancy Tobin. Tobin was selected from an open call for entries at Tangent and I'm really curious and excited about this show. (You can read my article about the lovely ladies of Tangent in this month's issue of MM)

Then off to Midtown...

6:30 Th' Streaks are playing at Barber Shop Automotive where I'll probably hang long enough for a brew.

Then since I'll be in the neighborhood Kyle Monk is having a show of photos at Bows and Arrows and Black Eagle Wines is having a tasting at 17th and L. Black Eagle is a winery I've never heard of and I'm super excited about checking 'em out because they were founded and operated by the United Farm Workers thus insuring a living wage to those who make the wine possible. (what's that saying beer before wine feeling fine????) To be clear I'm not just checkin' out Monk's work cuz it's handy either, it's really good and highly thought out.

After this I'm gonna hit a few more receptions. SKINNER(!!!!!!!!) at Upper Playground. Super jazzed! Want a shirt!

Geoff Tuttle and Eddie Stein are at Axis although I'm hitting that reception tonight to get it out of the way.

Omar Thor Arason is at A Bitchin' Space and they'll be an indoor pool(!). I won't be missing this! You can read about Arason in this weeks issue of the SNR.

Now here's a predicament that I'm in... Jay Jay is having a reception for Home and Away: Contemporary Video Art which looks to be a great show BUT for those who haven't noticed Midtown has become a nightmare these days on 2nd Saturday. Because of parking woes I'll probably ride my bike which would make Jay Jay a bit of an undertaking. I also have a difficult time focusing on video work at crowded receptions so I think I'm gonna go the next day when it's more quiet.

I may also hit BLOCK at the closing reception vs. 2nd Saturday because in addition to art and music this Sat is also the go away party for Smitty which is where I hope to end my night.

Also, worth noting and where I would end up if Smitty wasn't going away is the Ricky Berger, Baby Grand show at Old I which starts at 10pm. And there's the Lizards reunion at Javalounge.

I'm sure if I sat here long enough I could keep drumming up shit to do this Sat.


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