Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shits and Giggles

Red Bull

I've been caught in a rowdy social spin cycle for the past week or better that shows no signs of stopping. It began with this highly involved article I was working on last week which entailed a series of interviews that went on from early in the morning to late in the evening for 3 solid days. Believe it or not that's too much talking even for me. As the article started winding down then there was my show in Davis, 2nd Saturday weekend, dinner with friends Sunday, a mixer for the mag Monday, a content meeting last night, a BBQ tonight, the SAMMIES tomorrow, I'm blanking on Friday, and then the Bananas are playing a f*%#$n' bowling alley on Saturday!!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Granted I'm not complaining about any of this, as I am a Chatty Cathy. I guess I just haven't really had the energy to blog. Somethin's gotta give...

Anyhoo, with all of this going on, when I'm not being Ms. Personality I'm trying to get my own work done. My next solo show entitled Giggles, opens in October at the Brick House Gallery! It will include some work from my thesis show - which TT at the BH has assured me didn't get a wide enough viewing audience on the Sac State campus - as well as some new pieces, including what's featured above.

In addition to this I have to be out of my studio at CSUS by August 15th and I'm in two shows in August in midtown. One at Axis and one at Design Within Reach. I just found out that I have the green light at Verge to move some stuff over and that the project is all a go! I'm sooooo stoked!

I just started making the transistion from working in my studio to cleaning my studio in about the last week. It's sorta sad.

For the first time in months I can see the surface of my desk. Believe it or not this tiny clear space is a major accomplishment.

I often get distracted by the amusing combinations of stuff I have floating around in here. I had a curator/artist/dude about town visit my space once and he tried to convince me to leave things as they were and just invite folks over to look as is, as though my studio were one big installation. I was sorta amused by the prospect but in general I get weary of that kind of work when I see other people do it and was afraid of being "that asshole*."

In an attempt to procrastinate I read this pamphlet too. I bought it because I thought the cover was outrageous but it's actually a pretty neat little book. It's the case that the communist party made for racial equality in 1932.

*a la Art School Confidential. Make that the comic a course and not the annoying movie.

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Anonymous said...

so THAT'S where my copy of the Negro in American Life went to.