Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the sadness, black widows and passing notes

I'll admit it... I'm pretty blue about moving out of my studio. It's been the bomb ass of studios. Not only is it by far the biggest place I've ever worked in but it's also the first place that I let myself get completely comfortable. The space was mine, and my awareness of that fact gave me a confidence that I had heretofore never experienced as an artist. For that reason, even though I'm stoked to be done with school it is with a heavy heart that I leave this space.

All is of course not lost, however, as I do have a spot lined up in the new Verge project on 19th Street, although that won't be ready until the end off this month and with my next show coming up I'm getting a little uneasy. I'm packing like a fiend and getting stuff ready for other shows and as a result everything feels way up in the air. I know it will be fine but still.

To make matters more complicated, in the transition I've decided to move some stuff into storage that I don't need hanging around while I pursue new projects. That said Skpr and I packed a truck load of stuff to take out to the garage OMF's been keeping in West Sac.

After opening the garage door Skpr commanded me not to move. I thought what(?), there's nothing in here but an old car... then I looked around and it was seriously like a horror movie. Just standing in the entrance to the place we counted eight full grown black widows. EIGHT!!!! There were cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, and shooting up from the corners of the room to the edges of the car most of which contained at least one resident. Ack! It's making the hairs stand up on the back of my neck just thinking about it. After a moments thought I decided to take my storage else where so as not to pick up some stowaways to bring to the Brick House in October. Fortunately, I'm able to stash my stuff in the Verge for the time being.

Like a bright and shining light in all of this mayhem, OMF has offered to teach me to play bass which has been awesome! So far it's coming to me fairly smoothly, although I played cello for many a long year growing up so I would hope I hadn't lost all of that. The one thing I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around is the whole passing note thing. I keep skipping them when I'm messin' around and then I get thrown off. Now that I know what they are though I'm realizing that I've noticed them in songs forever and just didn't know that's what they're called.

So far OMF's shown me a basic rnr bass line, louie louie (of course), and wild thing. Fartin' around last night was soooo fun! I haven't played music with another person in probably 10 years and I kept giggling whenever I realized that we were in time. Today I spent many a long moment working on the Barney Miller theme and Sanford and Son.

Bwanna, bwanna...

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