Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Last night gets an A plus on all counts! Good food, good company, and a weeknight show = awesome! Last night reminded me how much fun the Hideout was before JD descended into his racist tirade. Ah well. The only thing I could give thumbs down to was the lingering vomit stink in the Press mixed with a feeble attempt to cover it with incense.

For dinner we ate at Macau Cafe in Land Park and it was so dang good. OMF and I took two friends and in the end our table gave the meal 8 thumbs up. I've now added Macau's chicken curry and chinese broccoli with garlic and ginger to the foods I could eat all the time list. You can check out my review of MC in this weeks issue of the Capitol Weekly which comes out Thur.


I took this picture in the bathroom. There's something about this that I find kinda poetic...

Mom was great! I've been wanting to see her for a month now and just finally got a chance. I can't really tell you why I think she's so great except to say I just do. I should also mention that I'm one to love performance art.

I'm posting this pic of Charles cuz I liked it and after this I twittered off into socialization-city and stopped snapping pics.

Now it's back to work. Recently most of my art business hasn't really been interesting enough to post about because it's mainly consisted of the boring nuts and bolts shit you gotta do sometimes i.e. archiving press materials, documenting work, addressing announcements, applying for jobs, snore city.

Hopefully, by the weekend I'll be back to the business of making art...

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