Thursday, July 31, 2008

The human race is getting me down

So today after leaving a meeting at the CCAS I decided to stop by the Verge and see how the progress was coming along. When I first arrived at Verge there was a newer, two-door black sedan parked in the lot with a license plate frame mentioning Davis something or other. The vehicle had two guys in it, one nicely dressed, clean cut white male in his late twenties/early thirties and another olive complected male who was very casually dressed in the passenger seat.

After a quick loop around the warehouse I decided to walk over to A Bitchin' Space and say "hi" to Gale. As I step out into the lot I noticed the two guys in the black sedan shaking hands and then the casually dressed dude got out and went walking up V street toward 21st by himself. The white male in the passenger seat started the car and began pulling out of the lot as I began to cross V.

As I approached the corner I heard someone mumbling something and turned around to see if this person was talking to me. It was the guy in the black sedan and when I asked him to speak up he began mumbling again. At first I naively thought he might be asking for directions. When he began beckoning me toward the car I thought uh-uh, I'm smarter than this. He then raised his voice and asked me if I wanted a ride and instructed me to get in the car. I refused and kept walking and as I stepped into the crosswalk he kept pace with me repeatedly asking me to come closer to the vehicle or get inside. When I refused again he became angry and started calling me names. I finally stopped just before the corner and screamed at him to leave me alone at which point he hit the gas and raced up V street.

The worst part of this is that as I approach the second corner of the intersection I realized that there was NO ONE around. Something I'm sure he had picked up on because he followed me until oncoming traffic approached the light at 19th. Being completely alone when some predatory piece of shit starts harassing you really f*king stinks!

OMF and I are talking about getting me a camera phone when we re-up our cel plan. If something like this happens again I'm taking a picture of the asshole and his license plate and posting it. In the meantime if I see him parked in the Verge lot again I'm gonna photograph his car and put it up. Nuts to you jerk!

Between creep-o predator, and CC tweeker thief I'm having quite a week:(


HK said...

Holy shit. That is really scary! I'm sorry that had to happen to you. All this creepy stuff I'm hearing about (including a man attacking women downtown around E between 24th-26th) is scaring the crap out of me! We all need to start traveling in packs.

smitty said...

That blows. Pepper spray is available at the gun and bait store on Broadway.