Wednesday, July 30, 2008

F*k you tweekers!

At about 3:30 this morning my blissful slumber was shattered by my truck alarm going off. Upon hearing it OMF flew outta bed threw on some jeans and was out the door in seconds. I stumbled behind him after befuddly putting on some shorts and flip flops. When I got outside I didn't see the Ol' Man and I got worried imagining him running down 21st street after someone or worse. After a few seconds I see him approach from the direction of my truck looking confused. He said that everything appeared to be in ordered but that there was a van parked behind my truck with a woman passed out inside. Okay... so we called the cops and then hung around and waited. While we were dazedly sitting around I realized wait a minute(!) I bet they were trying to steal my catalytic converter. Sure enough we crawled under my truck and all but one bolt was taken off. Fuckers!

When we were speaking to the police dispatcher she asked to see if the woman would wake up, so OMF went and tapped on the window. She came around a bit and then passed out again which seemed odd. I don't know about most women but if I found myself sleeping in a van on the side of the street in midtown at 3am and some dude came and tapped on the window to wake me I don't know that I would just drift back off again. She did.

The cops arrived a few minutes later and woke her and took her out of the van. Turns out she was a meth head on probation with a bunch of paraphernalia in the car. She swore up and down that she was there alone but the fuzz found indications that someone had probably been in the passenger seat not long ago. There were also sawz-all blades and bolts and such scattered around the passenger side of the van. The cops said that this wasn't much to go on though because tweeker vans are usually full of random stuff.

The whole scenario was kinda pathetic especially if there was someone with her, and she was the getaway vehicle. It's always a bummer when your driver comes down off a multiple day high and passes out when she's supposed to be getting you the hell outta there. One of the cops we spoke to said this situation was typical of CC thieves so at least for as irritating as they are they do get caught a fair amount of the time.

This incident follows the dude that I ran out of the alley last week who was trying to remove the conduit off the business behind our house to steel the ground wire.

Tired today and hatin' thieves!


Anonymous said...

Good grief! What a bummer. Fingers crossed they catch the turd.


Anonymous said...

I feel you, the CC was reason our car got stolen from Thrift Town.

Ahh Tweakers.