Friday, July 18, 2008

Can you say doofus?

So in the end I didn't get shit done in my studio this week. I really need to plan my months around deadline because this happens every time. I got all my one million obligations going on and then BOOM deadline hits and everything stops. Everyday this week I've woken up planning my day around studio time and then for one reason or another it doesn't happen. Granted I realize that on a sorta subconscious level I'm in denial about moving out of the world's best studio but still.

Next week I'm gonna get work ready for the two shows that open in August and then start separating things that can go into storage vs. stuff that I need to work on right now. I'm really nervous about trying to get a solo show together while transitioning between studios. I was hoping to have moved by now but the city planning commission had other ideas.

Ah well what are ya gonna do? Today I'm gonna recover from my stupid hangover which is the result of drinking on an empty stomach last night before presenting the award for best pop band. Can you say doofus?