Monday, July 28, 2008


First Wakano Ura now this! Corti Bros has lost their lease and is being forced to move by the end of September. It's funny I was actually just pulling out of the Corti's parking lot the other day and thinking how much I like their sign and that I was glad that it was still there.

What you may ask is Corti's being replaced with? Why a brand new(!) upscale food market owned my Michael Teel the former head of the Raley's Corporation. I swear to god I'm sick of hearing the word upscale!

Know that I am not blowing smoke when I say that I shall not be shopping at said new establishment. I'm drawing a line in the sand. I am goddamn sick of seeing our local institutions close to make way for the shiny new thing.

Here's a clip from the NPR piece about the pending move:

"Darrell Corti: 'We weren’t told anything. We were actually trying to negotiate with our landlord for a lease. We’ve been in this building since 1970. We have not had a lease in this building since 1988.'"

You wanna talk world class city? Okay. A world class city boasts a wealth of long standing institutions. No one ever goes to New York and says, "Oh man, have you tried the new upscale food market? It's bomb!" People talk about the best bagel in the world being baked at a little shop that's been in operation since forever or the tastiest deli down on whatever street that specializes in god-knows-what.

Few things make me happier than a Corti's sandwich, and it goes without saying that their wine section makes me swoon. Worst of all Teel gets the benefit of the hard earned specialty food market Corti's has established for itself in that area.

So great, there ya go. Another Sacto institution looses it's home of multiple decades to make way for progress. Good for you Mr. Teel.

In the meantime I'm sending an email to Michael Teel. Not that I think it will do a lick of good but at the very least I would like to let him know that I think that messing with Corti Brothers stinks.

Oh, this ticks me off! What's next? I dare not even think, lest, some other favorite local establishment of mine takes a hit.


Anonymous said...

I sent an email to him hoping that his new business fails for doing what he did to Corti's.

Anonymous said...

Well thank god it will be fucking upscale, I know I speak for eveyone when I say that my life is really lacking in new places I can't fucking afford and have no integrity.
I am at a point in my life that I understand that there are quality things in this world that are worth the price. I shop at the co-op, get a CSA box, and will enjoy a fancy brew now and again.

and then there are flat screen sushi places, valet parking and this bullshit.

Bah, my righteous indignation has left me unable to form sentences.


Brandon Abell said... is now registered, now to get Food Network on their ass for diluting their trademark. . . Time to rock and roll.

Anonymous said...

Corti Brothers is an upscale market.

Anonymous said...

I guess what I should have added was "upscale". Its not upscale per say it is all of the connotations of the word. I am having a difficult time making the distinction in writing. Its the difference between business thriving over long periods of time and cultivating their own charecter charm (among which may be upscale) and a developer telling me something will be "upscale"

Did I just get called out?


Liv Moe said...

I don't know. The semantics of this thing are very trying.